EXO's speedy climb to the top

Article: It only took 3 months for EXO to rise to the top position

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+678, -97] Isn't this their second time coming out after their utter failure of a debut a year ago? Anyone who didn't know better would read this article and think a 3 month old rookie actually became a hit

2. [+646, -105] Journalist, please... Ask anyone in their twenties out on the street right now to name an EXO member, I doubt you'll get any responses... The only reason they're winning now is because of the fandom pride of teen girls who are crazy for their visuals.

3. [+498, -53] And it only takes 3 days for everything to fall down... Idols should always be careful of their actions and their words... Don't waste time on Twitter, it only takes a moment to ruin everything you've earned.

4. [+32, -5] I don't hate EXO as a group themselves but I hate their SM style songs and their hardcore fans.

5. [+31, -11] Too many members who all look the same... and their supernatural powers are immature==