The obsession with skin exposure

Article: Shorter than hot pants, the music industry is obsessed with skin exposure

Source: Sports Donga via Daum

1. [+703, -96] Really, what are the Communications Standards Commission people even doing to stop this? People seem to think that men enjoy things like this but no, it's extremely off putting to look at...

2. [+684, -23] The spring season is filled with cherry blossom (butkot) festivals while the music industry is filled with a stripping (butko) festival

3. [+471, -19] What happened to all the spring season songs... everyone's just going all in with the sexy concepts. Normally around this time of the year, we got songs fit more to the weather.

4. [+336, -25] As a guy, it really disgusts me seeing them like this. Every line's been crossed and it's just boring to watch now.

5. [+287, -7] Surprising the viewers one panty at a time

6. [+267, -8] A line's been way crossed lately. It wouldn't be a stretch to call them promoters of the sex industry.

7. [+168, -16] These prostitutes calling themselves singers should just put on a strip show on stage.. Might as well with the way they're dressing... And you wonder why there are so many sexual crimes within the industry. The idol b*tches are just asking for it by wearing clothes like that. "Come eat me alive~"

8. [+146, -7] What do you expect from kids who are basically selling their bodies? They do whatever their agency tells them to, whatever their choreographer tells them to, whatever their composer tells them to.. And they still call themselves singers? It'd be easier to just go out to bars and sell your bodies.

9. [+127, -2] I'm calling the next concept to be stripped down naked with only body painting... You heard it here first.

10. [+120, -1] Getting attention through gimmicks like this only works momentarily... Having a trashy song can never help that attention transition into longevity.