List of dramas with unpaid staff continues to grow

Article: Don't even get paid, get ripped off, receive the script the day of filming... the 'triple stress' of actors

Source: Hankyeore via Naver

Dramas with unpaid staff:

Faith: $604,000 USD
The Musical: $208,000 USD
I Love You: $209,000 USD
The Princess Has Returned: $209,000 USD
Fugitive: Plan B: $450,000 USD
President: $550,000 USD
Jungle Fish 2: $34,000 USD
Rascal Sons: $680,000 USD

1. [+145, -5] Staff barely get paid $1,000 a month for their work. How can you think of ripping them off? What are they supposed to live off of? And fu*king drama production companies should not be creating dramas if they don't have the money for it.

2. [+151, -13] Suddenly reminds me of the Suzy fans who were going around bragging about how Suzy makes $10,000 USD per episode ㅋ Does it make you proud that she receives that much for her crappy acting?

3. [+130, -1] I think lead roles get paid way too much... They're basically sucking the money out of the supporting roles and the staff. Cut down their costs and stop giving lead roles to people who don't deserve it.

4. [+102, -3] Both the production companies and the leading roles are the problem. Yeah, they're the star of the show but how can you be paid several thousands an episode? Cut the pie for everyone.

5. [+95, -2] Korea needs to start doing seasons as well. One episode a week that's way too long... 40~50 minutes is about right. Focus on the quality and diversity of content, not the same rich families committing affairs. I'm so tired of reading subtitles for American and Japanese dramas.

6. [+86, -2] Well obviously the staff aren't getting paid because the leading roles are sitting on tens of thousands of dollars

7. [+67, -2] Air less dramas at a time then...

8. [+61, -1] Cut down the cost of the 'CF actors' who can't act for sh*t. Why do they get paid the most when they can't even act?

9. [+46, -0] No matter where you go, it's only the poor that get poorer.

10. [+43, -0] We need to turn it into a law that all dramas must be produced prior to airing. It's ridiculous to me that casts are given their scripts the day of filming. How can you expect any sort of quality when people are working under such tight conditions like that? Having a fully produced drama will raise the stakes for investors and promote competition since they know what they'll be getting into if the quality's good.

11. [+45, -4] Ridiculous to me how our country's actors expect Hollywood treatment when they only perform makjang roles in makjang dramas every single day.