Critics choose 'Nine' as the top drama of the first half of 2013

Article: [2013 First Half Drama Wrap-up] 'Cable drama'... 'Nine' chosen as the best drama

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Naver

Best Dramas (as chosen by critics)

1. Nine
2. School 2013
3. The Queen of Office

Best Actors (as chosen by critics)

1. Kim Hye Soo (Queen of Office)
2. Lee Jin Wook (Nine)
3. Song Hye Gyo (That Winter)
4. Choi Jin Hyuk (Gu Family Book)
5. Lee Bo Young (My Daughter Seoyoung)


1. [+625, -3] Nine could've easily hit 30% in viewer ratings if they were on public broadcast.

2. [+484, -3] To all the people who don't understand how Nine got #1, please go watch the drama. You'll know why. And make sure you shower beforehand because once you start the drama, you're never going to stop.

3. [+422, -1] Nine was amazing, it was like watching an American drama

4. [+388, -1] tvN has way better dramas than the public broadcast channels lately. Varieties too.

5. [+376, -4] Nine really is the best. Lee Jin Wook was amazing as well. His emotional gazes were perfect and on point... a drama I'll never be able to forget.

6. [+301, -2] There hasn't been a drama like Nine over the past five years.

7. [+291, -2] I have no objections to Nine winning #1. Anyone who hasn't seen it needs to. It was the best drama of my life.

8. [+225, -2] Nine's production level was on par with any American drama.

9. [+195, -2] Nine has raised my standards, it's driving me crazy ㅜㅜ Now all of the public broadcast dramas seem so immature and boring... ㅜㅜ I Hear Your Voice is what's keeping me hanging on these days..

10. [+177, -7] Nine was truly a work of art. No idols, perfect production quality, perfect acting, just utter perfection.