[Telzone] Pre-debut Hyeri


Source: Telzone

1. [+51] So she was a plastic surgery monster too

2. [+41] Who are you

3. [+35] Shock.. I thought she was natural...

4. While I knew she had some work done, I didn't think to this extent... Did she get work done on her body too?

5. Well, she gained Tony but lost her life...

6. Seems more like she fixed her teeth and lost weight than plastic surgery.

7. Double eyelid surgery and jaw surgery?

8. Man, I thought Hyeri could do way better before I saw this post.. now I think Tony could do way better.

9. This isn't just remodeling, this is a complete overhaul...

10. Her plastic surgery came out very naturally.

11. Doesn't even seem like the same person...