[Telzone] Luna loses her leg muscles

Telzone: Luna's leg muscles seemed like they'd never disappear but they finally did

"Luna is the representative when it comes to female celebrities with leg muscles. Looking at her recent fashion show/event photos.. it seems her leg muscles have all disappeared ㅠ Her legs used to look so healthy before.. How did she manage it? Totally different from before!"

1. Your muscles decrease when you get botox.

2. People need to change their perceptions... A woman's muscles are beautiful, it's just that the beauty standards dictate that thin, waif-like girls are beautiful.

3. Luna's face seems to have gotten more feminine too.

4. At least Hyorin looks beautifully healthy... Luna's muscles just made her look chubby. She looks way better now.

5. It's not only her legs, but her face too. She looks a lot sharper.

6. Luna's leg muscles were her charm point ㅠ_ㅠ

7. She would've made a great pro golfer.

8. Girls' legs do not look pretty with muscle... I prefer thin legs without muscles

9. Seems more like she lost weight overall

10. I bet her legs will go back to being muscle-y once she works out for a month ㅎㅎㅎ