Suzy takes the lead as the star with the most CFs in 2013 with 22

Article: Suzy "New CFs are contracted every new day~" 22 CFs, a new record

Source: E-News via Nate

1. [+540, -233] But she's really overexposing her image. She's pretty and nice but you see her so often that there's nothing new about her anymore. I think it's time she starts drawing a line.

2. [+503, -332] I know she's pretty but she's such a bubble

3. [+527, -364] Bubble

4. [+163, -79] There's nothing but fake plastic faces all over TV so it's no wonder that a more natural looking face like hers is more preferred. You don't get tired of her face no matter how much you look at her. Of course a natural beauty will shine amidst plastic surgery monsters.

5. [+137, -66] I saw her new Vita500 ad and I can see why people are Suzyholics now. She has a lovely charm that really sucks men in.

6. [+92, -62] I can see why CF companies would like her. She's a popular idol but her face itself isn't as impressive as an actress but still naturally and innocently pretty.

7. [+88, -81] The trap is that even if Suzy advertises it, you don't really feel like buying the product

8. [+70, -37] Must be difficult to be keeping food on the table for JYP

9. [+54, -48] But she has the same image in every single one of her CFs. Her image is so limited.

10. [+46, -39] Well after beating out T-ara and IU, Suzy's obviously on top now as the trend.