F.T. Island's Hongki on the chopping block for traffic law violations

Article: F.T. Island Lee Hongki, under controversy for traffic law violations? 

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

Hongki uploaded a picture of his new scooter, "My new friend! And the color is definitely yellow." 
Netizens reported him for traffic law violations as his scooter doesn't have a license plate and is parked in front of a traffic light crosswalk. 
Hongki lashed back at the netizens, tweeting, "Hey you keyboard warriors, if you're going to hate on me, at least know the facts. I bought it just yesterday so I don't have a license plate for it but it's okay as long as I get one within 15 days. And it seems you can't see that well because it's dark but yeah it's in front of a traffic light but it's still by the store I bought the motorcycle at. Jeez, you're all foaming at the mouths trying to kill me over it." 

1. [+494, -116] He is seriously such a tryhard...

2. [+482, -127] As if we didn't already know that he wasn't already a delinquent who didn't study at all during his school days, look at the way he's running his mouth... Do you think other celebrities don't have a temper that they can use like you are right now?

3. [+367, -166] Fantastic, he should use this opportunity to switch careers from singing to delivering fast food. That seems to have more of a future for him than in singing.

4. [+105, -6] I'm not a Hongki fan nor have I ever hated on him but his explanation is really off putting. As pissed as he is, he should not speak in such a harsh manner. I know it's directed to the people that were criticizing him but even when I read it, it's making me disgusted by him... I think I have an accurate impression of him now.

5. [+93, -5] This guy is nothing but a school delinquent who stole money from kids and beat his classmates. I hate how kids like him are able to come out on TV and make up excuses saying that they were young and didn't know any better and shed a few tears and somehow that's supposed to make it all okay. And when someone criticizes his past, his stupid fangirls put up their shields and call your mother a wh*re while the celebrity in question is just giggling from behind the shields.

6. [+78, -4] The way he wrote that just makes me wanna...

7. [+71, -14] Yangyoung Junior High School. Pregnancy. Abortion. Theft. Which of course all culminated into the cancellation of his school trip.

8. [+46, -5] Look at this guy run his mouth... Why does he bother being a celebrity? Such a disgusting attitude with an even dirtier past.


Article: Lee Hongki's explanation "Scooter without a license plate? Coming at me to kill" anger over haters

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+136, -40] I can see why he lost all of his popularity to Yonghwa ㅋㅋ Hongki's such a dog

2. [+54, -4] If you don't have a license plate, you cannot drive it during that 15 day period anyway. His explanation did nothing but shoot himself in his own foot.

3. [+46, -6] He's the one that put up the picture and now he's b*tching at people to hate on him for the right reasons... Yeah, he'll never become a big star. I predict there will come a day where he'll be missing these keyboard warriors he's talking about.


Article: F.T. Island Lee Hongki, under controversy for traffic law violations? 

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver

1. [+195, -35] I get that he's pissed but how can a celebrity talk like that on his Twitter... Might as well quit his job

2. [+201, -43] He talks like a b*tch

3. [+174, -30] He calls that an explanation? I used to think positively of him but the way he wrote that is such a turn off... How many stars have ruined themselves through Twitter already?

4. [+130, -36] It's not only Lee Hongki that's a bi*tch but the entire group. They stomped all over someone else's car while filming their Like the Birds Mv, didn't they? Lee Hongki, start acting like the public figure you are. When are you going to mature?

5. [+107, -14] Aside from whether or not he's violating any laws, his explanation makes him sound ilke such a b*tch