Follow Up: Hyeri and Tony

Article: Hyeri's official statement "Tony An asked me out... This is surprising and difficult"

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+725, -11] From the title alone, it sounds like she's surprised and having a hard time at Tony's offer to begin dating

2. [+534, -46] Hyeri, isn't this a good thing for you? You finally got your name known far and wide. You should've known this would've been a scandal when you started dating him.

3. [+220, -37] I think finding out that Tony's dating Hyeri's mom would've been less of a shock.

4. [+50, -4] As Tony's fan, all I had hoped was that he would get married to a good woman and live a happy life with a few kids.... but he's instead dating a kid........

5. [+43, -1] I'm really curious what her parents think

6. [+34, -1] Judging from all of Hyeri's tweets to Tony, sounds like she seduced him first

7. [+31, -1] They say that once your sponsor is caught, the companies wrap it up as dating and whatnot, so it seems to be true that he's her sponsor.


Article: Hyeri's reps "We never intended to put Tony in an uncomfortable situation with our explanation..."

Source: OSEN via Nate [2] + Naver

1. [+151, -59] He contacted her first to date????????? It wasn't just a relationship that started randomly?????? There's a reason sponsor rumors were swirling around the group ㅡㅡ;;

2. [+133, -42] What are you doing with this kid... And to the girl, don't you have a brain... Unless they're meant for each other because they're both brainless... It just doesn't seem all that nice seeing as how Tony's at the age for marriage.

3. [+34, -2] Honestly, they're obviously not going to get married or anything, and that's why they're getting all this hate. Hyeri is just going to get her cherry popped and thrown away. No one would care if they were to get married but we all know we're going to get a break up article a few weeks from now and what will she have to say for herself then?

4. [+29, -3] It's a business relationship. Tony gets a taste of a younger girl and the girl gets to earn some popularity.


1. [+736, -25] It's not the age that's important, it's the person... Remember Won Bin and Sooyoung's scandal? Sooyoung's 13 years younger than him and she still got called a thief.

2. [+804, -168] While Hyeri is running around releasing statements and explaining this and that, 36 year old Tony is keeping shut and even deleting his Twitter account. What a pathetic man.

3. [+296, -21] If Hyeri was dating Jung Woo Sung, Won Bin, or So Ji Sub, Hyeri would be the one being called a thief...

4. [+236, -11] Hyeri's father was born in 1970, making him 44 years old. Only a 7 year difference with Tony...

5. [+76, -4] He's been her sponsor since she was a student. The rumors have been around for a while so the companies are just covering it up by confirming that they're dating. It's always been the TN journalists that wrote up all the Girl's Day articles.

6. [+56, -0] Guys, make sure you don't call elementary school students you see on the streets cute anymore. They might become your future wife.


Article: Tony An + Hyri couple "I miss you" Tweets from three years ago spotted

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

Tony: Being pulled by Misook nuna and Soyeon to the dermatologist... I like my skin but I think the two have a different opinion.. I don't know why women do such tiring things.. I'm even too lazy to put on toner and lotion.. 
Hyeri: But oppa, you already have nice skin ㅠㅠ 
Tony: Thank you, but it feels a bit weird hearing this from Hyeri-yang.. 
Hyeri: Oppa, you admit it yourself too, right?!? hehe ayy~ you're not guaranteed good skin just because you're young, you knowㅠㅠ 
Hyeri: You're making fun of me, right.. ㅠㅠ I had a recording with Heejun oppa today. When will I get to see you, oppa? ㅜㅜ I miss you 
Tony: I hope that Girl's Day makes a shining shining comeback as well~ Hyeri-yang, have a fun broadcast with Heejun~

1. [+174, -15] You can tell right away that Hyeri was seducing him... It's not only Tony that should be hated for dating a younger girl.. Because think about it, what kind of normal 20 year old girl would think of dating someone so old?? You can't even excuse her for being naive because she obviously knows better..

2. [+145, -12] Such a little girl working so hard to seduce him

3. [+135, -4] Mmm... Seems obvious the girl has been seducing him first.. "oppa oppa" to a senior like him

4. [+127, -7] You can tell Tony is keeping a distance and treating her only as a junior but Hyeri just keeps hitting on him

5. [+88, -7] She's smart for her age... She knows that you need a strong sponsor if you want to last in the industry, and being Tony's girlfriend is a hundred times better than laying around with company CEOs. Who would touch her now? I can already tell what kind of company Girl's Day's company is seeing as how they took a bunch of young girls and made them do that split leg dance.

6. [+89, -10] The girl's been shaking her tail in front of him for a while now. Tony obviously wanted to eat her up right away but waited until she became an adult because of the Go Young Wook scandal.

7. [+67, -6] Wasn't she in junior high three years ago??? And she's calling a major senior in his 30s oppa?? I thought Tony was bad but the girl is just as bad ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+61, -6] Tony seems to have purposely waited until she graduated ㅋㅋ