[Pann] Park Shin Hye is being used to fund Park Se Young's career?

Reader request of a Pann that had some eyebrow raising discussions going on in the comment section.

The actual Pann is just a picture post of 4HIM Entertainment labelmate actresses Park Shin Hye and Park Se Young of 'School 2013' fame.

Again - I cannot stress this enough - as with all Pann posts, nothing is ever black and white, confirmed, true, false, etc. Just read at your own discretion to see what kind of discussions are going on with particular topics and come away with it what you will.


1. [+15, -1] Park Se Young is only popular because of her sponsor. For a year and a half, she's been cast in five consecutive works all thanks to her sponsor. She absolutely reeks of it. Park Shin Hye has been working since she was a child actress to get into movies and dramas with her own skills but Park Se Young has been being added to everything through her sponsors. Too bad that she still isn't getting popular and is still nugu status. She doesn't have the charms to ever hit it big.

2. [+15, -1] The director of their company is known for lobbying for Park Se Young. The director was originally Park Se Young's manager but he set up his own company by using Park Shin Hye's fame to fund it. He then brought in Park Se Young and has been lobbying for her career ever since. He throws in money into every broadcast company and drama to lobby for her casting. He doesn't care at all about Park Shin Hye's career and just uses her for international promotions to make quick cash so he can fund Park Se Young with it. The photoshoot in the pann was also originally supposed to be Park Shin Hye's solo shoot but the director stuck Park Se Young in there because he wants to market her in any way he can. Really, even with all this financial support, Park Se Young is still a nobody.

3. [+13, -2] Please don't write about these together. Their company is really biased... ㅠㅠㅠ Because they were in a pictorial together, a lot of people who don't know anything keep writing posts about them together but their company director is basically using the money Park Shin Hye brings in to lobby for Park Se Young's casting and media play articles. Really, how can anyone with a conscious do something like this to someone ㅜㅜ It really makes you sick.... I've been really into Go Dokmi lately but after I found out about all of this, I was so taken aback. I hope she does well...


"Park Se Young is seriously getting on my nerves. Just because the company director used to be her manager, they're always using Park Shin Hye to fund their own selfish needs. If she started her career with the help of sponsors, she should be grateful and just leave it at that. Why bring Shin Hye into it and act like you're so close with her just to use her fame again."

"She's so desperate to link herself with Park Shin Hye to get rid of the reeking smell of her sponsors. Stop shackling yourself to her while you grab dramas with sponsors."

"This nobody has strong sponsors because of all the lobbying. It's obvious she's trying to link herself to Park Shin Hye for the image making and to erase her sponsor image. She doesn't have enough popularity to land a pictorial like this... Obvious that she begged to get into Park Shin Hye's solo shoot. She's always trying to ride on Park Shin Hye's coat tails."

"I don't even know who Park Se Young is but it's obvious she's trying to stick herself next to Park Shin Hye for the media play."

"Park Se Young reminds me of a soulless doll. I think that's why she doesn't get popular... She never tries to be funny on variety and tries too hard to protect her image."

"Why is Park Se Young always riding on Park Shin Hye's coat tails? Her career is based on sponsors and lobbying."