Internet flips out over cleavage exposure controversy

Article: Clara 'cleavage exposure controversy', producer responds and clarifies "It's not a problem"

X Sports News via Naver

A few minutes of Clara doing yoga on MBC Every1's 'Singles 2' caused a few media outlets to screencap the parts where her cleavage is exposed and criticize the show for airing a 'broadcast accident'.

The PD, Go Tae Kyung, responded by saying that they didn't see the problem.


1. [+127, -13] Go PD couldn't be Go Young Wook, could he

2. [+119, -20] I bet it's the women making all the fuss. Men see no problem with this.

3. [+99, -11] People talk as if they've never seen breasts before

4. [+83, -11] If that's considered exposure, then are people wearing bikinis considered naked?

5. [+74, -9] I don't get the point of the controversy... Women with big breasts will naturally look like that in that pose

6. [+94, -29] North Korea is about to attack us any day now but for several days in a row, this girl Clara and her breasts have been the #1 trending topic... What a country to live in.

7. [+68, -8] I was pissed off because of my boss today but this article is helping me feel better

8. [+59, -10] It's because people create stupid controversies like this that people have such a warped sexual view in our country

9. [+46, -10] Maybe it's noise marketing

10. [+28, -2] If this is controversial, then the 9 o'clock news reporting on the summer beach craze should be considered obscene material