'Ilbe' netizens continue to mock Im Yoon Taek's death

Article: Im Yoon Taek's death, 'Ilbe' under controversy for inappropriate posts of ridicule and mockery

Source: Segye Ilbo via Nate

Several posts Ilbe users have made in regards to Im Yoon Taek's death are being exposed to the media.

In one post, the OP pretends to be his wife under the title "My husband has left me" and after several of their wedding photos, writes, "but I received $1 million USD in return."

In another, the OP posted a photo of the late president Roh Moo Hyun saying, "Are you the newcomer? Sing a song for me." (Seniors will often welcome newcomers into work/army/groups/etc by asking them to show off a talent they're good at. The OP is basically roleplaying Roh Moo Hyun greeting Im Yoon Taek in the afterworld.)


1. [+832, -101] These ba$tards can't be human... If it were possible, I'd round up every single one of them and beat them to the point of disability. They're losers that can't say a peep offline.

2. [+672, -94] Crazy Ilbe insects

3. [+565, -102] This is a compilation of links of all the posts Ilbe users made regarding Im Yoon Taek. (TN: majority of links are dead so I won't be including the links)
[Title] Why isn't this Im Yoon Taek ba$tard dead yet? I'm telling you, he doesn't have cancer
[Title] Anyone still believe Im Yoon Taek has stomach cancer? tsk tsk
[Title] How can anyone believe the hospital that's confirming Im Yoon Taek has cancer?
[Title] Proof that Im Yoon Taek is lying about his cancer
[Title] Is Im Yoon Taek a living miracle? Or a living fraud
Are you happy now, Ilbe insects? I pray that he rests in peace and that those around him find the will to stand back up.

4. [+107, -14] Women, don't be friends with or marry any man that is from the Ilbe community

5. [+84, -14] Isn't this severe enough for the law to get involved? Isn't this cyber crime?

6. [+76, -13] They're like some psycho community.. All of them need to be thrown in jail.

7. [+72, -13] It's because of you insects that Im Yoon Taek had to suffer more than he had to while battling cancer. Too bad he lived a life 100, 1,000 times more fulfilling than yours.

8. [+68, -9] This community needs to be gotten rid of. It's the home of every insane person in Korea.

9. [+62, -9] Ilbe users = losers in real life

10. [+55, -7] Every single one of their names need to be released to the public and they need to be rounded up and separated from society. Because all they interact with are idiots like themselves, they don't seem to know how psycho they are.


Article: The late Im Yoon Taek, he fought a battle scarier than cancer with hateful replies

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+547, -19] Anyone who leaves hateful replies are all the same.. Losers in real life who think they're worth something online.

2. [+447, -12] Cancer rots the body but hateful replies rot the heart. Hear that, haters?

3. [+380, -9] Even with stomach cancer, he never once made it obvious that he was hurting while performing on TV. To all the people who doubted his illness, who doubted he had cancer... He's passed away.. Do you believe him now? But oh look, look at the haters continue to hate him even after he's passed... You do realize that Naver can track down your IPs and sue you, right?

4. [+339, -4] It's not only the hateful comments that are the problem but the hateful articles as well

5. [+229, -6] I can't even imagine how much stress he was under from battling cancer alone, and to add hateful comments to that.... I hope that he can rest in peace now without any suffering and hate.