Drummer Min Ki Woo Hyun passes away

Article: Min Ki Woo Hyun, news of death 'shocks'... Netizens offer condolences

E-Today via Nate [allkpop]

1. [+116, -7] May he rest in peace

2. [+69, -15] To all the crazy ba$tards leaving hateful replies even in a situation like this, you guys aren't even human. A human being has died, how can you even think of writing replies like that? Try saying what you just typed in real life, offline. You couldn't even utter those words. Wake up and learn that you can't speak about the dead any way you want. He has more than enough people to feel sorry for his loss, he doesn't need idiots like you. Rest in peace. I hope that he finds happiness wherever he is now.

3. [+90, -41] Shouldn't the journalist say why and how he died...

4. [+26, -10] Who are all the idiots asking nugu???? How can you even say that when someone has died? The journalist wrote in detail who he is right there in the article. Too bad when you all die, the only people that will give a crap are your relatives.

5. [+20, -1] He suffered from depression after his longtime girlfriend betrayed him. He then auditioned for a program but didn't come away with a win or anything because he was eliminated, and all of that culminated into him ultimately choosing to commit suicide. Please stop writing these types of articles. Whenever there's any type of suicide, journalists are so quick to blame the netizens with all sorts of lies just to put out an article. 95% of the people in this country don't know who this kid is, what netizen was shocked over this news? Can't believe this journalist is making even the dead receive all this hate just for shoving him in the spotlight.

6. [+13, -2] I heard from a friend of Min Ki Woo Hyun that he helped train his girlfriend to help her audition for Superstar K. She got into the top 11 and then just cut contact with him, basically ending their relationship. He began suffering from depression then and started auditioning for programs like 'Birth of a Great Star', 'Top Band', and 'Destiny Audition'... None of it worked out and he was eventually tired of suffering. I pray he rests in peace.