The best media play in the history of media play

Article: [Exclusive] MYNAME discards all copies of their new album because of 'Gangnam Style'

OSEN via Nate

MYNAME's reps announced that they had to throw out 20,000 copies of their recently released second single because a recording of 'Gangnam Style' was accidentally included at the end of the CD. The company decided to discard all 20,000 copies in utter secrecy upon finding out.

1. [+114, -3] I get that it's a media play generation where everyone and their mothers are doing it... But to use 'Gangnam Style' to get your name out there ㅋㅋㅋ Don't take the public for fools... And cut back on the media play. This is ruining your own group's image... Anyway, who are these guys?

2. [+46, -1] Who are they;;

3. [+19, -0] Who are you???


Article: [Exclusive] MYNAME discards all copies of their new album because of 'Gangnam Style'

OSEN via Naver

1. [+311, -2] The uncomfortable reality where it was thrown away in utter secrecy but the journalist feels he must alert the public about it...

2. [+306, -12] MYNAME??? Who are these nobodies??

3. [+250, -6] "MYNAME recently started their comeback promotions with their single title track, 'Just That Little Thing'. Having released their album on the 25th, the group will be holding their comeback stage on SBS's 'Inkigayo' on the 27th." ----> Thank you, can we have the next media play enter the room.

4. [+220, -7] I thought MYNAME was some American artist at first who decided to throw away all of his albums after listening to Gangnam Style ㅋㅋㅋ Who's MYNAME???

5. [+215, -7] Noise marketing nobodies trying to squeeze themselves onto the coat tails of Gangnam Style... If a company is able to make this dumb of a mistake, I highly doubt the quality of the rest of their music...

6. [+188, -7] No seriously, who's MYNAME?

7. [+156, -5] They're blaming this on Gangnam Style? ㅋㅋㅋ Media playing over their own damn mistake

8. [+138, -7] So pathetic... nobodies trying to cash in on Psy's fame

9. [+107, -2] Cut this crap out and just let your group succeed with their music, jeez

10. [+104, -4] There are some groups where even media play can't help them. All of the variety shows would play Supa Dupa Diva at the end and call Dal Shabet the second SNSD or whatever but their reality is they only have 6,000 fans and rank somewhere in the 11-20s on the digital chart.