Rain in hot waters after his stay at luxury hotels during service discovered

Rain was found to have stayed at a royal suite room hotel costing $600/night after performing at an event sponsored by the KCTA last year.

The military explained that although they normally pay for off-base lodging (soldiers normally stay at motels), Rain stayed at the hotel because it was sponsored/paid for by the event hosts.

Investigations found several more cases where Rain and other celebrity soldiers either paid for or were sponsored stays at luxury hotels following off-base events.


Article: Rain discovered to have stayed at a luxury hotel during service... celebrities without military discipline

Source: Sports World via Nate

The first line of this article starts with, "Can Rain call himself a soldier?"

1. [+566, -15] Shouldn't Rain be considered insufficient service like Psy? The celebrities already discharged were let off easy but we need to reenlist the current serving celebrity soldiers. Do they think this is some kind of camp? And if Boom comes out on Strong Heart and talks about his service one more time, I swear to god...

2. [+461, -11] Get rid of celebrity soldiers and treat them the same as any other soldier. Can any of these even wield a gun if we're in war?

3. [+414, -25] Send him to jail or reenlist him. This isn't North Korea.


Article: Rain stayed at a $600 luxury hotel after service event

Source: Munhwa Ilbo via Nate

1. [+310, -19] Can he really call himself a soldier? It doesn't matter who paid for his hotel. Every single soldier is responsible for serving fairly.

2. [+300, -15] Does the military think that none of the Korean soldiers are rich enough to buy out supplies like these? Everyone needs to be treated fairly and service should be completed equally. While some ba$tard lies sleeping in a hotel room, someone else is sleeping on the floor of the frontline.

3. [+99, -10] This ba$tard is just finding himself in a deeper hole, isn't he. Does he think the army is some kind of extended vacation? Why doesn't he call a prostitute in there and have a good lay while he's at it? Pathetic how the military is crawling to the whims of these celebrities