Netizens notice Sunmi's change in image

Article: Sunmi's whereabouts, matured beauty... 'girl to a woman'

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+530, -23] Hul I couldn't recognize her at first

2. [+608, -172] Seems like she wants to be a celebrity again... What an easy life to live ㅋ Leave just because you want to study, get into college with special treatment... Now that she realizes it's hard to catch up in college, she wants to go back to being a celebrity ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+445, -31] Why is a journalist writing an article about a non-celebrity

4. [+458, -69] Didn't she say she was going to study

5. [+349, -40] She was prettier during her Tell Me days. Wearing her make up like that makes her look like any face on the street. Everyone has the same make up style so they all look like twins... I'm personally a fan of past look. She just looks older than her age now.

6. [+306, -44] Still looks like a celebrity

7. [+268, -21] Hul... who? Is it her face that changed or just the way the selcas taken?

8. [+242, -10] She looks different in all of her pictures

9. [+232, -16] Maybe it's the angle, but she looks a bit different

10. [+248, -40] I feel so bad for Yoobin. She started off with some 5 Girls group that ended up disbanding before finally getting into the Wonder Girls. Just when she's about to reap the benefits of her hard work, the leader goes off and gets married. The group's already behind SECRET and SISTAR in Korea.... I guess Hyuna was lucky getting into 4minute with a solo career and Sunmi with getting into college with special treatment. The remaining four members have nothing going for them anymore... Even Sohee's lost her fame. Lost her title to her own labelmate Suzy...