Netizens admit to being overly harsh with female stars

Article: It's miserable to be an actresss... 'criticisms' whether you take care of yourself or not

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

Editorial that talks about how actresses are more harshly scrutinized and criticized online for the way they don't necessarily choose to present themselves. It goes into Moon Geun Young's recent controversy where viewers felt that she looked bloated or 'had a big head' in her drama, as well as other cases where stars were criticized for not looking pretty enough and then criticized again once they decide to go under the knife because of that.

1. [+251, -9] This is a huge problem for people in our country. People just really enjoy hating on other people, whether they're male or female. Think about it, I'm hating on our country's people right now and someone reading this comment is bound to hate on me for that... We need to improve.

2. [+208, -24] Moon Geun Young's really skinny, I really don't know why people are telling her to lose weight

3. [+191, -36] Moon Geun Young's pretty, skinny, and acts well. It's just that she looks a bit too young for her character.


"The journalist didn't really catch the gist of what netizens have been saying regarding Moon Geun Young. It's not that she's ugly, the point of their argument is that she was miscast for the role. Her youthful face does not fit the image of a Chungdamdong daughter in law."

"I think it's just the majority of Koreans being that way... They can't stand seeing others do better than them. We even have the traditional saying, 'Jealousy brews when a cousin buys land.'"

"Our country really is picky and unnecessarily harsh about these things. I've heard foreigners say that Korean actresses have great skin, tall height, and are all beautiful, but we're the ones that always try to catch a flaw no matter how beautiful they are. And then when they resort to plastic surgery, we bi*ch about that too... I usually find that women are more prone to criticizing the physical appearance of actresses. I've read one too many comments where they say her ears are weird or what her proper chin length should be. And men are no exception... They're quick to criticize older actresses by calling them old news and to get off their screens. This is why idols are so prevalent."

"I honestly think celebrities only get plastic surgery out of stress from internet criticism."

"Unless you're skinny to the point of death, people will always call you fat. What's important is the acting."

"Bi*ch about getting plastic surgery, bi*ch about being ugly if they didn't get plastic surgery... No solution to this."