Maybe dramas aren't so unrealistic after all...

Saw this top the rankings this morning and I thought holyyyy crap...


Article: More shocking than 'Dogani'...

Source: SBS E! via Nate

An SBS show called 'That I Want to Know' featured the story about a man whose fiance disappeared overnight. By investigating the CCTV around her apartment, he was able to find footage of her being forcefully pulled by a group of men while her son from a previous marriage watched on.

He eventually traced her to a mental hospital and discovered that her ex-husband and her son had conspired to lock her up because they were in the middle of dividing their property for their divorce.

Producers investigated the matter further and found that there were entire organizations of brokers and doctors dedicated to throwing perfectly fine, functioning people into mental hospitals against their will. As the law currently stands, someone can be locked in a mental hospital against their will as long as two people (relatives or caretakers) agree and a doctor suggests it's necessary.

People have been abusing this law by throwing in anyone that gets in their way in inheritance and other legal battles.

1. [+187, -1] I got goose bumps watching this... I couldn't even imagine how it must've felt for her to see her son for the first time in five years only for him to drag her to a mental hospital... I remember watching the drama '100 Years of Inheritance' and thinking how could that make sense, how unbelievable... But this just shows that reality is that much worse.

2. [+171, -1] I can't imagine how horrifying it must be for the mother. No matter how sane you are, you have to go crazy being locked up like that..... That son needs help.

3. [+139, -4] Goosebumps... So scary. Makes me wonder if my kids would do the same to me... I truly hope that the mother can overcome her anxiety and spend the rest of her years in peace.


"How is this any different from murder? Thank god she was able to escape them through the help of the show, but that still leaves hundreds, if not thousands more who are still trapped..."

"There's nothing you can't do with money... Money can even overcome the ties of your own blood."

"What's scarier is that she escaped them and filed a lawsuit... but her son is trying to lock her in the mental hospital again."

"I used to think dramas were so unrealistic whenever they featured plots like this but this was happening right before our very eyes..."

"I thought I was watching 'I Miss You' for a second."