Lee Hyori's lack of plans for marriage garners backlash

I feel like netizens have a love/hate relationship with Lee Hyori. While they support and praise any of her charity and musical endeavours, they're quick to fire shots at her whenever she goes into political topics. She received similar backlash during the election, with netizens basically telling her that she's in no position to be meddling in politics as a celebrity.


Article: Lee Hyori "The president is not married, I don't feel the need to either..."

Herald News via Nate

She was asked by reporters at Um Tae Woong's wedding whether she had any plans for marriage herself and she replied, "The president herself hasn't gotten married yet and I don't feel the rush to need to yet either." Some netizens thought she was taking a jab at Park Geun Hye.

1. [+1,032, -195] She's just making a comparison, I don't know why they made the title seem as if she was making a political statement ㅡㅡ

2. [+726, -363] Sounds like Lee Sang Soon is not the man she wants to marry?

3. [+313, -206] Lee Hyori has a way of turning people off with her words

4. [+267, -167] Practice your singing in the time you have to tweet

5. [+203, -114] Does she think she's on the same level as the president?ㅡㅡ

6. [+728, -645] What does the president being single have anything to do with you?

7. [+172, -81] It'd be a lie if she didn't have any political intentions behind that statement

8. [+196, -107] ㅋㅋ What does her not getting married have anything to do with you? Why don't you quit Twitter in that time...

9. [+156, -74] How dare this entertainment clown compare herself to the president ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+151, -60] Stop talking as if you know anything, you're getting lame


Article: Lee Hyori clarifies "Take a jab at? I just said it to be funny because I was tired of answering the same question"

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+374, -146] Why are people acting as if Park Geun Hye being single is something no one can talk about? She's not Voldemort, you know

2. [+279, -174] That's fine and all but don't drop other people's names into what you say. It pisses me off when people act like they're saying something to be funny and treat anyone that doesn't think it's funny as a loser.

3. [+225, -158] She chose the wrong person to compare herself to

4. [+107, -61] Probably not a jab but just something she said without thinking

5. [+58, -22] It was obviously meant as a jab, otherwise why would she have used the president as a comparison? Didn't she know it'd be controversial?