Hello new readers!

I've noticed an influx of new readers in the New Year and I think there's some confusion as to what this blog is about and how to interpret some of the content being provided here.

First and foremost, I've heard your concerns. You're right, not every single best reply is a reflection of the majority opinion or all of Korea, etc, and I don't think they should ever be interpreted as such. The purpose of this blog is to show that these opinions - whether or not they reflect the general opinion of Korea, AND whether or not you agree with them - are what is driving the media and the industry.

It doesn't matter if the majority of Korea doesn't care about a certain artist but the best rated comments in an article do because the netizens in the best rated comments are the voices being heard by the industry.

I often felt like international fans heard about things last and controversies seemingly flew out of no where for them when there is a direct source to all of it.

The media wouldn't have released a hundred articles about the controversy surrounding SNSD's new song and the girls wouldn't have even had to answer to them if netizens never made a fuss over it in the comments. Would articles about Rain's career potentially being over have ever been released if netizens didn't care? Who starts these controversies? Netizens do. Where? In the comments. The media picks up on netizen sentiment and companies act on it accordingly.

Do you see what I'm getting at?

The content in this blog isn't meant as ammo for you to use to bash other fandoms in the everlasting WHO'S BETTER war that is the K-Pop industry. It's purely just meant as supplemental information for those that are interested in and are curious about how these controversies come about.

If anything, use this blog as a secondary source along with your daily reads like allkpop. I think allkpop and Netizen Buzz represent two very extreme parts of the spectrum - allkpop on the positive end, Netizen Buzz on the negative end. Meet somewhere in the middle to interpret and form your own opinions.