Media Play: C-Clown

C-Clown is practically the new EXID with rookie media play lately. There's at least one article of them a night up at the top in the rankings with comments more or less similar to the ones below.

In case anyone was wondering, yes EXID is still at it. People just don't care enough to comment anymore so you get a highly ranked ghost article.


Article: These kids grow up to become C-Clown... C-Clown's childhood photos revealed

Source: Sports World via Nate

1. [+204, -7] ......... I'm really sorry but who is C-Clown....?

2. [+167, -4] How about you introduce yourselves first before you show us your childhood photos

3. [+131, -8] Wow~~~~ who are you?

4. [+19, -2] What do they expect us to do with their childhood pictures at the top of the rankings when we don't even know their faces to begin with?

5. [+18, -0] These kids grow up to become nobodies...