YG/OSEN makes a poor media play decision with Lee Hi

Article: Lee Hi breaks Busker Busker's record with a double score 'top'

OSEN via Nate [allkpop article here]

1. [+1,077, -133] How dare they think of comparing Lee Hi to Busker Busker? Busker Busker filled half of the top 10 with their own composed songs. That isn't even comparable to Lee Hi who didn't even compose her song and just sang one track.

2. [+923, -157] Okay, we get that Lee Hi's good but she is definitely not on Busker Busker's level. Busker Busker was the first group since Brown Eyes' first album where I loved every single song on the album.

3. [+832, -133] It'd be best not to mess with Busker Busker...

4. [+123, -29] Is Lee Hi really doing that well? Everyone around me went absolutely crazy with Busker but I've never heard anyone talk about Lee Hi yet ㅋㅋ

5. [+116, -5] I'd buy Busker's album with money but with Lee Hi's songs, I'd rather just search for it on YouTube to listen to. It's not worth buying. Just searching and listening - that's the limit.

6. [+108, -7] Busker Busker was the most influential artist of the year after Psy, don't even compare

7. [+95, -30] OSEN is YG's media play machine. I'm not saying that Lee Hi's bad, I'm just saying knock it off with the hype already -ㅅ-

8. [+86, -28] Her song wasn't even on the level of Busker Busker. I listened to it once and never thought of playing it again.

9. [+78, -7] I've never even heard of her song.

10. [+66, -5] Who the hell is she and why is there so much hype about her? I'm seriously sick of this BS. YG, stop turning people off from your rookies with your media play ㅡㅡ There's a limit to all media play and you've crossed it.