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Saturday, November 10, 2012

More IU and Eunhyuk

Article: Nam Goong Yeon tweets about IU and Eunhyuk "The new romantic fantasy of every uncle in Korea: visiting the sick"

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+1,042, -38] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even a celebrity is dissing a celebrity

2. [+1,055, -78] Eunhyuk is a real man that visits the sick not only topless but also by bringing his own sofa

3. [+1,028, -153] From today on, IU will forever be viewed as a married woman


Article: Despite IU's official statement... "The loss of a national little sister?" Overreactions

Source: Korean Ilbo via Nate

1. [+873, -66] If none of our assumptions were true, then IU or Eunhyuk would've clarified it themselves on Twitter. The fact that they're both keeping shut about it even now means the answer's obvious...

2. [+721, -51] A million different images are running through the minds of men today...

3. [+498, -54] Lee Yong Dae should really thank IU for this


Article: IU's explanation "Don't misunderstand my picture with Eunhyuk"

Source: Economy Today via Nate

1. [+363, -43] Seriously, why is Eunhyuk's expression like that... The person that's visiting the sick looks more sick than the person that's sick..

2. [+372, -55] Adult IU

3. [+351, -53] Goodbye..


Article: IU "I'm going to backstab my fans"... Has it come true

Source: E-News via Nate

Article talking about her Go Show guesting where she said she does feel the need to disappoint her fans at least once in her career and that she promises to backstab them one day.

1. [+1,034, -102] All of her Good Days are gone

2. [+878, -143] Good Day + You and I = Anchovy Paste

3. [+1,114, -439] When Jiyeon's webcam scandal erupted and her company was making excuses that no one believed, Jung Ga Eun still stepped up to defend her on her mini-homepage.

IU is more well loved than Jiyeon to the point where it can't even be comparable and so many celebrities consider her to be their family and yet there is not one celebrity that is stepping up to defend her.

Celebrities aren't even just quietly watching over the situation, they're publicly ridiculing her saying things like how they want to visit her when she's sick too... That can only mean that these celebrities have already figured out the truth about how IU's really like.



  1. ...srsly? These celebrities are the ones that should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. i think people are taking this way too far. fine, she's a so called 'sly fox' in your book now, stop grilling it into the poor girl. as if she isn't humiliated enough. those netizens should pray no misfortune ever happens to them. people deserve second chances.

  3. lol, the first article........ woah there, even though I laughed, I find it so low. Others celebrities should really remain silent.

  4. exactly. its not like they are all proper when they are dating. tch.

  5. Replies
    1. I think international fans should accept once and for all that their opinions and ideas of what is a big deal or not is not the same as the thoughts of the general public of South Korea. I don't get how you can judge a different nation that you have NO personal long time experience in and say things like "no big deal get over it she can do whatever she wants why do they care so much" when CLEARLY people in SK think it IS a big deal. I'm American so I am use to celebz getting bagged for dui's, sextapes, or what have you so this pic seems small to me, but I'm not judging knetizens for their opinions...I just think ifans need to stop with all their criticism.

    2. Lol. My thoughts exactly. I don't get how ppl don't get it... different country, different culture. OBVIOUSLY things'll be different. But what annoys me the most is that it's these same ppl that claim to be so open minded and unjudgmental... then go and lecture others. First rule of being "open-minded"... is to learn to see things through other ppls eye's... and in this case that would be how Koreans would see this...

  6. IU did herself a favor... do you really think she wants to wear doll dresses and play with teddy bears for the rest of her life? Now she can have a career as an adult singer, for better or for worse. All these netizens slut-shaming IU on the basis of silly selca should be ashamed!

  7. [+1,055, -78] Eunhyuk is a real man that visits the sick not only topless but also by bringing his own sofa


  8. I'm disappointed with LOEN. I actually thought they would tell a better lie, or at least reveal some partial truth about them dating.

  9. Iu probably has the most celebrity friends of anyone. She got along with everybody. Its really sad to hear that no one is stocking up for her. But NB why are you assuming that celebrities aren't sticking up for her bc they found out the "truth"?? U don't know if they phoned her and she mightve told them not to say anything. This is how rumors spread.

    1. That wasn't NB, it's the 3rd best reply for that article.

  10. IU's squeaky clean image.. it was bound to come falling down someday.


  11. All controversy aside, iu adorable in that pic.

  12. Did iu really say she's going to backstabbing her fans? Wg
    Hy would you say that aloud?

  13. No, she said that she is sure that one day she will disappoint her fans not that she will back stab her fans. She recognized that she is not perfect and there was bound to be a time where she will disappoint them.

  14. whatever the case is, it's still IU's fault..the fact she "accidentally" posted the pic, she might be so depressed by now..anyways i think people are bashing her because first they already accepted that she's having sex and they felt betrayed..having relationship and having sex is not the problem is being a celebrity is the problem..if it's hollywood i would have laughed about it but she's korea's little sister..if she's a fake why not as long as people will never know about it..i understand that the pic may not mean anything but irregardless of its meaning, she shouldn't have kept the pic in the first place knowing that it might be scandalous.

    Side note, i don't understand the arguments about if it's sofa or what if it's sofa? Can't you have sex on the sofa? Lol.

  15. i don't understand the anchovy paste analogy, can some explain?

  16. hang on...if you read NB's comment it says that lots of celebs are actually publicly mocking her, so that removes the possibility of keeping quiet because they agreed to do so privately. Though i'm sure some of iu's closest friends are keeping quiet cuz they don't want to get into this mess, those who are poking their noses into the issue are just trying to get some attention :/ In any case there is a possibility that industry insiders know something about her that is not so 'innocent' (not that that should be a big deal anw) which may explain the disses, but personally i just think ppl are having unrealistic expectations of her so anything that seems provocative would create a lot of disappointment

  17. It's not my comment, it's a continuation of the best reply. I just thought it'd be easier to read separated in paragraphs instead of one huge chunk of text. ^^

  18. People tend to associate bed with sex more and it probably made a better headline that way.

    Really, I do think that they are jumping on the band wagon of blame and hate a little too eagerly. I really think that a picture taken at the wrong angle or one that does not show you enough can be more damning than the truth. I was reading somewhere else when I came across this picture and it kind of reminded me that not everything that you see is the whole truth.

    Your eyes can lie just as well as your memories. :)

  19. her company should really have let her transition to a more mature image sooner, then this case wouldn't be that much of a big deal. Now that the 'scandal' has basically put an end to her 'cute' image, it's going to be a rough transition to something that suits her and that the public will accept...

  20. It's easier to insinuate that they had sex or something if you can place them in a bedroom since a bedroom is undeniably a more intimate place.

  21. anchovy is eunhyuk's nickname
    well from what i understood that comment basically means that 'on a good day, u and i together will result in a paste(think sexually"white stuff")'
    either im really perverted or this is what the commenter meant

  22. I think saying the truth wuld be better, this lame excuse Loen gave made the netizens even more angry.

  23. Woah, the celebrity amking fun of IU, woah a grow up adult making this kind of comment? He wants some spotlight too, is it?

    At first I thought the jokes were funny, but now I feel bad for IU because things aren't going to go down so soon and Eunhyuk don't get any bad comments or jokes.

  24. THIS. Y'all people can take a seat, I know because IU /was/ the perfect being of k-pop but this stupid scandal ruin them. However she will come back stronger and be back to slay all your faves.

  25. Ugg what a bunch of bad friends, even the cyclops had some nobody standing up for her. arrr =_=
    I'll be damn disappointed if Luna doesn't try to stand up for her best friend, I know her horse thighs can shield some protection.

  26. No the problem is Loen's story says they were at IU's place, however netizens have already proven that white couch is actually Eunhyuk's. So basically they are saying how is it that EH and IU have the exact same couch. or is as everyone believes she was in fact at his place in her pajamas

  27. they are likely being told they absolutely cannot defend most of IU's friends are fellow idols with zero to negative 50 power to disobey.

    Jiyeon DEF can't say anything or CCM will be on her like white on rice not to mention netizens will attack her not to mention support from her will be even worse for IU.

    Luna isn't a popular fx member so her position in SME isn't one where she can rock the boat.

  28. Did any celebrity ridiculed T-ara during their controversy other than Gag Concert?

  29. Anyway, pardon my ignorance, but who is Jung Ga Eun?

  30. Her career will be affected though she is loved and is successful because of her cute and innocent image, will she be able to make it with this one. Especially after loosing her samchon fans and younger fans?

  31. No, they have not proven that the couch was Eunhyuk's. They have a screen shot from an episode where you got to see Kangin, Eunhyuk, other SJ members and their parents and they showed the house that Eunhyuk brought his parents. But, IU also has a couch that is similar to the one at Eunhyuk's house. If you compare the photos, you'll see that it looks more like IU's. By the way, this means that Eunhyuk's parents live in that condo/house. There is very little to no chance that his parents will allow that to happen and I doubt that he is that disrespectful to his parents.

    Also, facts are getting distorted by netizens as this spreads. IU's selca from home shows that the couch is a better match than the one in Eunhyuk's house. And for those who don't know, IU lives with her mother, father, grandmother, brother, and cousin.

  32. Lmao, those netizens' comments are funny as hell xD

  33. Even if she love with he family, it doesn't take long to have sex, the family could be out on that day etc
    It's still kinda suspicious about how close they look in the pic and if it was a normal selca, Eunhyuk would be doing some peace sign and smile instead of looking so tired leaning on her. They probably dated, and when people date, there's a possibility of sex

  34. easy. how about "Lies" and "Cry, Cry" "I'm so bad"?

  35. Hum actually Eunhyuk is almost the same, you can't really tell who couch it is lol

    Plus, if IU really lives with her mother, father, grandmother, brother and cousin, more reasons to Eunhyuk NOT be shitless around her that is using just pajamas... like you said she lives with her father, grandmother and mother, and I bet they wouldn't like it, even more since he is just a friend... and he being shirtless on her home would be rude... so more reasons for them be on his house.

    His parents could be travelling or not home, but IU's house her grandma must be always there. Hard to not have people around.

    Also, he being shirtless in his home would make more sense, since it is his home/his parents wouldn't bother..

  36. This is the problem with many idols...their images are created and many can hardly show their truth selves so when a bit of themselves sees the light, netizens and the public go crazy; whether it be positively and negatively. That's why I think all idols should just be themselves, then all these surprises won't be the end of the world.

    As for the actual IU thing, I don't like her any less. It is still a bit shocking because she's known as "Korea's national little sister" and her songs are so cute. There had been so many rumors about these two dating for a while on pann nate with all the cyworld entries and "couple" clothes and accessories. But this picture is what sealed the deal for so many people. I hope it doesn't affect her career too much. Good luck to both of them

  37. an actress? i don't know what exactly her job btw. she, jiyeon, iu, and many more appeared together in heroes

  38. but....

  39. bye bye iu, please comeback later with an honest image. i'm disappointed that none of her *friends* say something, a "please don't judge too quickly" is proper and nice. smh these *friends* only stick to popular iu, hoping that they'd get some popularity from it. ya, yoo in na, how many times you're using iu's name? say something now.

  40. support this couple!! u-hyuk! fighting!!

  41. tbh, i dislike this kind of "if you're a fan of blablabla you must blablabla". oh please, whatever she did with eunhyuk, doesn't make her less talented, less mature, less considered of her fans and company, or has a bad personality. don't you realize now that whatever fans and companies excuse, the general consensus is out? it's rather useless imo. even if she did have sex with eunhyuk as netizens thought, and i don't agree with sex before marriage, well she took all the risks by herself, it's not something i'd care. her part of dumbness is *accidentally* uploaded it.

    poor iu. her companies, her fans, and medias always pushing her a clean innocent image. when she said something that she wanted to try clubbing, her fans complained. when she performed sexy stuffs, fans said it's still cute and she should stick with her innocent facade. when she tried to reveal her past relationship, she hesitated because her company prohibited her to say such things. give her a break. you guys trying to defend her this way is exactly trying to make her like pure innocent girl, just like her company did. well, if you think it's that way, then go ahead. but as a fan of iu, i don't think it's necessary to do that. the picture explained things to me, and loen explanation or this doesn't seem plausible, so even if it's for the fans' honor, i'd rather not take part of this. and that doesn't make me less fan, i believe.

  42. 2. [+878, -143] Good Day + You and I = Anchovy Paste


  43. Now you're really reaching and trying to build a story. Really, that is totally contrary to a son who would go so far as to save money very frugally (he did not spend $ as noted by SJ) and buy them a house would do. People are building stories around assumptions and assuming what they want based a photo that can be interpreted in so many ways. Really, why is everyone assuming that he is shirtless? As one commenter that I saw stated:

    Sofa? truthfully that kind of color sofa is common and there are a lot... so understandable...

    Pajamas? it really could be that IU was wearing that pajama when Eunhyuk visited her because she was sick

    Probably that their relationship is really that comfortable for her to just wear pajamas when he's around, understandable

    No undergarments? that picture cant really show that. it could be the straps slide a bit to side...

    Eunhyuk shirtless? can be that he's wearing a severe round neck shirt

    yes... that's all can happen...


    Just like your conjecture, above description can also happen. However, the main difference is that there are people who choose to believe the worst case scenario while others are willing to give them a benefit of a doubt. Doesn't it makes you wonder what they've done that they're jumping to the worst case scenario?

  44. Sigh. So much, imagination and guess work. I think IU's photo deserves a photography award especially since it's inspiring so much imagination from people without really exposing flesh or being risque.

    Anyways, have you never had a situation where the shot was taken at just that wrong time and you look really weird or something? I know I have and plenty of people I know have also. I could guess like everyone and say it could be that he was leaning in to get his picture taken but the shot got taken at just the right/wrong angle (depending on if you're an anti or not) and time and it came looking out like that. Who knows? To build a whole story based on that one shot is kind of stretching it. Really, stand back and look at the photo. I don't see an evidence of Eunhyuk being shirtless. There's not enough details in the picture to be sure. I can't even locate his collarbone and it looks like he was leaning into the picture.

    By the way, some people's conjuctures are now starting to sound like a trashy romance novel or something. :P

  45. CORRECT! she is an adult that craving for some 'sugar'. netizens should just stay silent! on the side note, hope she publish her KAV titled 'my friend "visit" me when i sick' to fans, pretty sure all man are eager to see her 'acting' skill! XD

  46. you and everyone has said the key word "assume". this whole thing was funny to watch since it's all about ASSUMPTIONS. shit. with this logic, i might as well just condemn anyone who i think may have done something wrong even though i have little proof. while it was funny for a while, i think that it's enough. gossip and speculation is one thing. outright ridicule and accusations are another when you can't prove shit. let's go down the list and see what you can actually prove:
    eunhyuk was naked or shirtless - there's not enough of him in the picture besides his head to judge
    they were in bed - sure didn't look like a bed to me. it definitely looks more like a sofa
    they were lying down - it looks more like they r on a sofa and sitting and one person leaning in
    iu was not wearing a bra - again, can't tell from the picture
    they are having sex - people know this how? based on pictures or assumptions? certainly not picture so people are assuming

    so what was really proven by the picture? nothing as damning as these netizens are making out to be

  47. i am really disappointed with the way this whole thing is going. really, we all don't like it when people make assumptions about us based on the most flimsy thing and start speaking/writing what they assume to be true like it's a fact. i wonder what that's called?? hmmm... i am more disappointed that an adult made a comment like the one above especially regarding a girl who is a teenager. pedophile much?

  48. i don't think saying the truth will matter. people just want to hear what they assume to be the truth.

  49. ''That can only mean that these celebrities have already figured out the truth about how IU's really like.''

    -I'm stupid, what is this comment implying...

  50. To be frank,they were a few of them,if I'm not mistaken and some even from oversea (Japan,I think).However,they were quite a number of celebrities who backed T-ara up too - whether directly or indirectly.

    I'm sure IU gonna be fine although it might takes sometimes for the scandal to heal.Look at T-ara.They have been invited to a lot of events and the responses were great.Some people can be overreacting.

  51. '' People are building stories around assumptions and assuming what they want based a photo''

    well, you also do the same. You build your assumptions toolol, it is just your opinion is different from mine. I'm not making an impossible assumptions, since it seems like he is really shirtless. Loen also never explained why he is shirtless or tried to say he was with a shirt... isn't it strange? You are jumping to the best case scenario, makes me think you are like that blind fans who cannot believe what they see. Eunhyuk is shirtless.

  52. Actually no. I am merely pointing out that there is no way to determine that he is shirtless based on the selca. I just gave you a counter example to your assumptions. I am not jumping to best case scenario nor the worst case scenario. I do however feel that some of things being thrown around are highly unlikely.

  53. pasting someone's comment that made a lot of sense:

    I am actually 50-50 on the matter - it could be truth and it could
    very well be NOT truth! Only these two know what happened (and by some
    statements IU's mom and grandmom, who were also there), even the
    almighty K-netizens CAN'T be sure what happened in that house, no matter
    how much they want to show that they are.

    I am not saying that this isn't true and they aren't or weren't
    together, but there are 2 things that were always obvious for me from
    the photo:

    1. That is NOT a bed and that thing is NOT a pillow. There are two
    rows of stitches visible - a very common design for a couch. I've also
    seen a pic of IU's couch and it's similar to this.

    2. You CAN't be sure that Hyuk's naked! I don't know about others,
    but those people who follow him and his career closely, well basically
    his fans, know that he loves to wear oversized hip-hop style shirts,
    v-necks, wife-beaters and so on (as are shown in the photos above).
    Plus, that tiny part of his skin that is visible here CAN NOT be his
    whole shoulder - it's just too small! No matter how you lie on it on
    your side, or how you squish it, you can't make a shoulder look that
    small! So, if only a very small part of the shoulder is visible, chances
    are the other part actually has clothes on LOL.

    I don't and I can't know what happened there or if they were
    together, but I just hate when people blindly deny what they see and
    stubbornly continue stating that he is 100% naked and that is a bed -
    when neither of those is obvious! Just because they want it to be true!
    You have to admit that there is actually a chance that you might be

    finally someone with some sense who does not follow the herd

  54. wow...the netizens are so harsh but some of their comments are so outrageous that i cannot help but laugh

  55. My theory still stands: IU did this as a revenge to Eunhyuk being cold and distant to her. Or, perhaps she didn't get as much bread as he promised her from his mom's bakery.