More IU and Eunhyuk

Article: Nam Goong Yeon tweets about IU and Eunhyuk "The new romantic fantasy of every uncle in Korea: visiting the sick"

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+1,042, -38] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even a celebrity is dissing a celebrity

2. [+1,055, -78] Eunhyuk is a real man that visits the sick not only topless but also by bringing his own sofa

3. [+1,028, -153] From today on, IU will forever be viewed as a married woman


Article: Despite IU's official statement... "The loss of a national little sister?" Overreactions

Source: Korean Ilbo via Nate

1. [+873, -66] If none of our assumptions were true, then IU or Eunhyuk would've clarified it themselves on Twitter. The fact that they're both keeping shut about it even now means the answer's obvious...

2. [+721, -51] A million different images are running through the minds of men today...

3. [+498, -54] Lee Yong Dae should really thank IU for this


Article: IU's explanation "Don't misunderstand my picture with Eunhyuk"

Source: Economy Today via Nate

1. [+363, -43] Seriously, why is Eunhyuk's expression like that... The person that's visiting the sick looks more sick than the person that's sick..

2. [+372, -55] Adult IU

3. [+351, -53] Goodbye..


Article: IU "I'm going to backstab my fans"... Has it come true

Source: E-News via Nate

Article talking about her Go Show guesting where she said she does feel the need to disappoint her fans at least once in her career and that she promises to backstab them one day.

1. [+1,034, -102] All of her Good Days are gone

2. [+878, -143] Good Day + You and I = Anchovy Paste

3. [+1,114, -439] When Jiyeon's webcam scandal erupted and her company was making excuses that no one believed, Jung Ga Eun still stepped up to defend her on her mini-homepage.

IU is more well loved than Jiyeon to the point where it can't even be comparable and so many celebrities consider her to be their family and yet there is not one celebrity that is stepping up to defend her.

Celebrities aren't even just quietly watching over the situation, they're publicly ridiculing her saying things like how they want to visit her when she's sick too... That can only mean that these celebrities have already figured out the truth about how IU's really like.