Goo Hye Sun calls out haters, netizens still view her as a failure

Article: 'Peach Tree' Goo Hye Sun "Writing the scenario for my third failure"

TV Daily via Nate

Goo Hye Sun basically responded to haters calling all of her work 'failures' on her Twitter by saying, "Thank you for taking an interest in my second failure. Today, I'm focusing on writing the scenario for my third failure. It's because I've successfully failed that I can prepare for tomorrow. Fighting to everyone."

1. [+311, -26] Yeah, well, she should be damn thankful she's still getting the investments to continue producing.

2. [+290, -43] It's obvious that the people investing in Goo Hye Sun aren't putting their trust in her production skills but rather her image as a star. Unfortunately, neither side has had much of an effect on the outcome of her projects, and I think now is the time for her to look back on herself and realize that she is wasting the money of others just to show off what little talent she actually has. In simpler words, she needs to realize that she isn't as talented as she chalks herself up to be.

3. [+82, -22] Finally, some best replies I agree with. As someone that majored in media/film studies, I know several people around me who are doing odd jobs to make ends meet while waiting for their chance at directing.. There are so many directors who can't even get their movies out there after it's already been filmed and finished. It's ridiculous for me to see someone like Goo Hye Sun who's simply filming things, finding investors, promoting them at film festivals, etc to fulfill her own self greed and this glorified image of who she thinks she is. How many people have actually come out and said they liked her movie? To the rest of us, she is not a director... Just an actress who has filming movies as a side hobby.

4. [+73, -7] Looks like she was pissed off with the criticisms. Didn't she expect it, though? She did all sorts of media play while producing the movie and now there are tons of promotional posters hung up in COEX. With the amount of promotion this movie is again, you would never think that this was a movie from a rookie director. So she wants all of the benefits of being a star but she doesn't want her work to be criticized? What's up with that? I used to think positively of her because she always seemed to be trying new things, but she needs to know when to stop and realize where her limits are. The fact that Peach Tree was pulled from theaters so early simply because it was boring and didn't live up to the hype she created is saying something. Goo Hye Sun was basically put 500 meters ahead of the starting line from other directors, but she still managed to fail.

5. [+60, -2] So she's basically saying she's going to waste other peoples' money once again. Is failing something to be proud of? I get that you learn from failing and that there is no success without failure but she's obviously showing off that she can have no talent whatsoever and still make movies if she wants to. I really want the money being invested in Goo Hye Sun to go towards other better things. Why don't people know that the money they're feeding to inflate Goo Hye Sun's ego is desperately needed in other areas?