Are things looking up for Block B?

Article: Rebels on top of the stage, Block B puts on a fun performance with 'Nillili Mambo'

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+613, -362] Honestly speaking, a lot of the more popular stars have completely skipped the reflection part, but these guys reflected for 8 months. I'm not trying to say what they did was right but conclusively, the interviewers in that interview set up a situation where they responded/acted in such a manner. They were at the top of their game with 'Nanrina' when the scandal erupted and they had to shave their head and go into reflection so how frustrating must it have been?

They already apologized and promised to win everyone back over with their music so if you're going to tell these kids that you hate them, at least write it up as criticism instead of hate or stop altogether.

There are a lot more kids worse than Block B doing just fine. People are so quick to scream double standards and defend idols with big fandoms, but to rookies like Block B, they're even quicker to throw the blame on them, telling them to fu*k off or that they're lame.

If you guys are really that bored to leave comments like that, just go grab a one night and strangle yourself.

2. [+512, -263] I like their song. It's exciting and catchy. Fighting to Block B's song.

3. [+501, -281] I wish people would stop telling them to reflect more. There are other stars that haven't reflected at all. They were wrong, yeah, but they have a lot of talents. I hope their song does well this time.

4. [+81, -39] Block B did make a rather big mistake but they shaved their hair, uploaded an apology video, and had a short reflection period. It's time they're given another chance. They were so careful when speaking on Beatles Code... If such a scandal were to erupt again, yeah it's okay to turn your backs on them then, but for now, it'd be better to just watch over them.

5. [+74, -37] It seems they've gotten more talented with this comeback. I hope they manage their condition well and show great performances!