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Friday, September 28, 2012

Why is Lee Min Jung viewed as a victim of Lee Byung Hun's relationship

I've gotten a few requests for reactions to Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun dating and purposely put them off because... well... Lee Byung Hun has A LOT of history that dates years back. To put it simply, Korea isn't very fond of Lee Byung Hun for his past, and many were absolutely shocked and disappointed with Lee Min Jung when she confirmed that she was indeed in a relationship with him. Her reputation will most likely not recover unless she ends the relationship.

I will try to explain what happened as best as possible because I think this is yet another great example of how corrupted the industry is and how manipulated most of what we read can be.

Lee Byung Hun's reputation took its first hit in early 2000 when the first series of 'X-Files' were released (a collection of rumors and insider info on all of the top celebrities compiled by reporters, journalists, officials and staff in the industry, etc that was accidentally leaked to the public. It became a huge issue at the time because the X-Files was meant to be used among industry insiders only, but netizens got a hold of it. A bunch of entertainment agencies sued all of the people involved because the X-Files included a list of the people that compiled it).

Anyway, I digress.

In his X-Files page, several insiders reported that he was an absolute pervert in bed and that that was largely one of the reasons why Song Hye Kyo ended her relationship with him. He allegedly had a lot of bizarre fetishes and was a huge sex addict (especially with young girls).

Many didn't put much weight on to the rumors, that is, until Lee Byung Hun visited Canada for a press event for his 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' film and was introduced to a staff's friend named Kwon Miyeon, a 20 year old gymnast. After their initial meeting, Lee Byung Hun began hitting on her until she agreed to a relationship. He then convinced her to wrap up her life in Canada and come to Korea so that he can marry her and take care of her.

Thinking he'd keep his promise, she concluded her career as a gymnast and went to Korea. (Rumors also say Kwon Miyeon was pregnant with his child in Canada, which she aborted before coming to Korea.) Lee Byung Hun broke his promise by disappearing completely after getting her a small rental room.

Upset that she had lost everything while sacrificing her life for him, she filed a lawsuit against Lee Byung Hun for $100,000 USD. During this time, Lee Byung Hun was filming 'Iris', so CEO Jung Tae Won (Taewon Entertainment, production company behind 'Iris') realized that the scandal could blow up into something bigger and ruin the drama if they didn't take care of it immediately.

What they needed was a scapegoat, and they found it in former baseball player and TV star Kang Byung Kyu, who had a dirty image at the time for fraud and various gambling scandals. Kang Byung Kyu's girlfriend was friends with Kwon Miyeon so CEO Jung and Lee Byung Hun used that to their advantage to tell the media that Kang Byung Kyu was behind the whole thing and was actually the one controlling Kwon Miyeon, who they claimed was a sl*t looking for money.

Obviously since Kwon Miyeon was stranded in Korea with absolutely no money, she lost the case and disappeared from the media, with most thinking that Lee Byung Hun paid her off to stay quiet.

Kang Byung Kyu, however, demanded an apology for all of the lies that Lee Byung Hun was telling the media about him. CEO Jung asked Kim Seung Woo (an 'Iris' co-star who is also friends with Kang Byung Kyu) to invite Kang Byung Kyu to a meeting so that he can formally apologize to him.

What actually happened was that CEO Jung hired a bunch of men to lynch him. He had CCTV cameras running at the time so he recorded the whole thing and only released manipulated footage where it looked like Kang Byung Kyu was the one physically assaulting them when it was actually in defense.

He used the footage as media play to completely oust Kang Byung Kyu from the industry. As he already had a negative image, the media and the public easily believed the manipulation and launched a witch hunt against him, completely ruining his career and image.

Kang Byung Kyu took the case to court and stated that he was assaulted with a baseball bat first. As CEO Jung is a highly powerful man in Korea, the court was about to rule in CEO Jung's favor until Kim Seung Woo eventually stepped forward as a witness and told the truth about everything that had happened (the other staff at the scene refused to show as witnesses, as they were probably too scared of the repercussions, and stayed silent).

The court then launched an investigation into the CCTV and found that it was indeed manipulated, so Kang Byung Kyu was found innocent of all charges thanks to Kim Seung Woo's testimony.

It has done very little in recovering Kang Byung Kyu's career considering the level of influence both Lee Byung Hun and CEO Jung have on the media, so the public rarely followed what happened past the manipulation stage (netizens are well versed on it, though). Kang Byung Kyu has now dedicated his entire Twitter to talking sh*t about Lee Byung Hun and revealing dirty truths about him (he was the one that revealed Lee Byung Hun was in a relationship with Lee Min Jung before anyone else, along with several other speculations like how he's only in it to get her pregnant and leave her because he's obsessed with sleeping with young women). He's also involved in a few more lawsuits with Lee Byung Hun unrelated to the story.


Source: Naver Search


Article: Lee Byung Hun - Lee Min Jung "Wedding in January? NO! We will hold a press conference when we decide on a date"

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+579, -86] The worth of both of them has dropped ever since they've gone public with their relationship. I used to view Lee Min Jung with a goddess image, but now I think she's just weird... Am I the only one? ㅡㅡ

2. [+287, -31] Kang Byung Kyu was spot on

3. [+256, -22] ok whatever


Other random comments:

"He'll open a press conference once he's done scoring her ㅋㅋ" (TN: X-Files mentioned that he'd shout out a score for every woman he has sex with after ejaculating on her)

"Maybe he's not done scoring her yet"

"He'll just bang her and throw her away, talks of marriage my a$$. Don't act like we don't know who Lee Byung Hun is"

"Would they really get married?... I feel like Lee Min Jung is screwing up her life.."

"Byung Kyu, you're the better man in all of this"



  1. as exciting as a drama, lol. no idea who is this guy and glad I don't!

  2. thanks for compiling these facts. i've read about lee byunhun's scandal, but never about the fact that he's trying to manipulate the medias with kang byung kyu and such too. O_O now that the medias trying to cover this as innocent relationship, considering his past again, i'm deeply concerned about lee minjung. it's good that song hyegyo ditch him.

  3. and i have tons of respect to kim seungwoo. T_T

  4. Oh WOW, I Remember seeing the angry twitters of this baseball player and everyone on AKP was hating on him saying he was just a hater, but now I see this in another light, poor guy, his life really was ruined. I'm glad someone helped him to show the video was manipuled.

    Netizenbuzz thanks for the info, and may I ask, the x-files, where I can find some info about it?

    Like, which more actors where there. Was So Yeh Jin there? It is true she is also a sex addict?

    and I'm just happy my Moon Geun Young wasn't in the x-files, thank god! Continue to be flawless!

  5. and meanwhile everyone is loving this couple on AKP without knowing how bad this man is! He might dump her soon when he gets what he wants, sex addicts get tired fast since they will soon have fantasies with another woman.

    And even if LMJ doesn't get dumped, she will be cheated on in the future, since she'll get old and he'll try to find young girls again.

    But again, it seems they are for real, they did met in the past and got together again, she must really like him.

  6. Wow. I've always liked Kim Seungwoo but this make me respect him more. I've heard about LBH's sex addiction but I had no idea the case with the Canadian girlfriend was that... dramatic o_o

    Thanks for translating!

  7. Could you cover what you know abt the xfiles? And the people related to it? This has me interested.

  8. wow, I've read about this scandal before but I never thought it would go down on to this extend(?) wtf, this so twisted!

    This just goes to show how things really works BTS in Showbizz. Just wow. Gross. I didn't know LBH was so connected to such powereful people in the industry. This is so shady. Everyime a scandal like his blows up, another one always comes out of nowhere and everyone goes "omg, there's been so many gossips lately" I think they're always covering up the trash.

    I too was kind of dissappointed with Lee Min Jung getting together with him, but... wtv, It's a personal choice, I believe.

    I know i ALWAYS request stuff, but. could you post something about this ? I thought it was absolutely ridiculous.

  9. and now i read this article with different feeling:

    ... ugh.

    take care, suzy, eunji, and jin sayeon. don't let yourself involved with ahjussi like him.

  10. woah thanks alot for the info , i never thought lee byung hun was like that O.O

  11. Netizenbuzz... Didnt you find those articles that I requested or was I too impatient to ask it early???

  12. All of you realize that this is what the Korean netizens think, not what actually happened factually speaking, right?

    It's a ton of supposition, hearsay, and assumption, none of it verified, but people will run with it because ... well ... netizens. If you were into Korean entertainment back when the X-File dropped, you know what I mean.

    Take their usual conspiracy theory crap, mix in the sex aspect of it, and then you'll find that people with slut shame anybody, even men. Much like how they are putting this on Lee Min Jung, because now she may or may not enjoy sex, which means she can't be a pure goddess or whatever other nonsense they spew.

    If you completely buy into in the netizen belief shown here, you are no better than those commenters at AKP who believe in whatever fairy tale they're told.

    Just saying.

  13. i knew that kim seung woo is a nice guy

  14. im literally with my mouth wide open... I had no idea who he was before him being lee min jung's gf and now I dont know if i feel that happy about her finding love... :S his past is like a drama itself O__o the industry with the powerful CEOs controlling everything is like the mafia... the bit of the girl from Canada was nasty as hell... and poor Kang byung Kyu :S

  15. try to preach to us, asian junkie? ha.

    it's been known since forever that news/rumors aren't to be trusted. news are released with entertainment agencies behind, rumors are released by people basked in anonymity. if you read a lot of rumors, many of them seems plausible and sometimes they're proved later. but it's filled with personal emotions, exaggerations, secondhand misinterpretations, etc etc. i think people are already well aware about this whole fact. that some people here believe what happens behind the scene, it's probably because we've seen so much dirts in k-industry and what happened here isn't that groundbreaking either. it could be filled with personal opinion, but hey, as people said: take it with full grain of salts. and this so called "x-files" were meant to be passed to fellow insiders, but get caught in netizen's hand -- sure you can also doubt this story. but for insiders to have "x-files" are make sense. like, you don't want to sign lee byung hyun in a long term cf contract of family-related products right? not when his track record isn't too family-friendly, and it could be released soon or later.

    but again, asian junkie is asian junkie. filled with US-minded people who never try to understand others' culture. don't mind us here. mind yourself, please.

    1. Are you on the wrong site, man?
      Or do you legit believe this is asianjunkie?

    2. ^ this is a reply to asianjunkie above, genius.

  16. ''If you completely buy into in the netizen belief shown here, you are no better than those commenters at AKP who believe in whatever fairy tale they're told.

    Just saying.''

    Hum, the court case was true and the video manipulation was also true and proven to be not true, the guy still hate the man even now, so this part of the story must be true. LOL

    It isn't a rumor it happened, that guy's life was ruined.

    How is this a rumor?

    Just this is enough to show something really SHADY was going on and they tried everything to make to cover the story ruining another man's life, this show how great of people they arem huh?

  17. I have read about this before and i still believe it should be a good drama

    i am really disappointed with Lee Min Jung

  18. The only thing we know for a fact is that the CCTV footage was manipulated and that no one, aside from one guy, spoke up about it in court which means everyone else is in on the set up or were too scared to speak up. That speaks volumes about how much they fear and are controlled by the CEO.

    But yes, everything else could be rumors and suppositions. I just hope Lee Min Jung will be okay.

  19. AnonymousSeptember 28, 2012 1:11 PM totally agree with you.

    To Asian Junkie. Can we please reewind to what AKP was when it started? And how media news sites critized them back then, and now noone says a shit because akp is now 100% copypaste of these media websites? Isn't that the nearest and obvious type of manipulation of korean media we get to witness? Even korean artistes promote trough akp, meaning, all companies are willing to associate with them. Don't you think they're paying some money? whereas it used to be a blog that was full os sarcasm and made fun of these artistes.

    I think it's completely wrong to read something and not question about anything, like you say, but, most of us first get the articles on akp and THEN come here. To have BOTH sides of the story: the author's and the readers' I might agree with netz sometimes, but I do also disagree.

    After searching for a while, I just learned LBH IS definitely well connected, and as a representative of the hallyu actors, his reputation must be clean for the public to praise him constantly. However, this is not the case since everything blew off a while ago. All the money he makes made him an important figure and is only logical to think he has strong influences on the bussiness. Now, search out of netizzenbuzz and see if the case of cctv is a lie XD

    just saying....

  20. Wow I knew Lee Byung Hyun had a bad reputation in Korea as a player and so on, but I never knew it was this severe.

    I watch Kim Seung Woo on 1n2d, Win Win and his dramas as well. However I never paid much attention to him, however after knowing that he stood up against Lee Byung Hun and the powerful peoples to speak the truth. I really got respect for that man!

  21. omg mad props to kim seung woo!!! im a huge fan of his acting and in variety but i never knew any of this stuff. Especially since he was in the drama aswel, it takes alot of courage to go up against someone like that, let alone those in the Kindustry coz it seems like connections and being chummy with everyone is what you have to do to survive.

    Lee Byung Hun or Lee BYUNGTAE (see what i did there tehe) sounds well dodgy erghh!!! I hate that T.O.P seems to be close with him yuck yuck yuck :/

  22. Lee Min Jung is not the victim that people make her out to be. she is an adult for crying out loud. She knows what she's doing. She is seen going to his house at least once a week. It baffles my mind as to how naive some people in here could be. Do you guys honestly think that she is as pure and annocent as she looks?
    That image of her is a fraud. She has been shacking it up with him for quite some time now, her vehicle was even seen at Lee Byung Hoon's place. Apparently she would crash at his place after shooting BIG.

    So what makes you people think that she isn't enjoying having sex with him? Ever thought that the reason why this relationship is lasting so long, is because she is enjoying having sex with him as well? Or that she enjoys the same bizarre fetishes as he does?

    Just because someone appears cute and nnocent, doesn't mean she really is that way. It's all fake image in Korea tweaked by their agencies.

    I doubt he will leave her like the other women. Lee Min Jung's grandfather is very powerful and respected painter in korea. Everyone knows do you guys think her career skyrocketed so fast....due to her grandfather and family connection and now being associated with Lee Byung Hun is gonna make her really famous, because eventhough he doesn't have the best rep in Korea, no one can deny that he is a top star.

  23. mad respect for Kim Seungwoo! ^^

  24. "Lee Byung Hun is gonna make her really famous, because eventhough he doesn't have the best rep in Korea, no one can deny that he is a top star."

    You're right. I'm sure the reason why they announced their relationship was because it helps them both: LBH's reputation gets rehabilitated by being attached to a (seemingly) pure woman and LMJ gets the fame boost she so desperately needs after 3 dramas with very poor ratings and a disappointing box office performance from her last movie Wonderful Radio.

  25. AnonymousSeptember 28, 2012 2:23 PM well, you know how netz tend to glorify or satanize artistes for the most ridiculous reasons.

  26. I love netizen buzz, thanks for the truth, I didn't expect him to be like that :O

  27. This is surprising, did not know any of this.
    But I don't think Minjung should be the one to blame though, she's probably just fallen for his "charms", I know A LOT of other women would as well..

  28. "well, you know how netz tend to glorify or satanize artistes for the most ridiculous reasons."

    Well, I don't think this is one of those times

  29. Why does allkpop love to make us think everything is so pure and sunny in Korea? I don't get it. Having an entertainment business with scandals is just part of life. Seems like AKP's staff go out of their way to make people outside Korea idolize everything coming from there. After reading this blog I feel like the Korean ent. business is anything but pure

  30. this is seriously disturbing

  31. @Mats September 28, 2012 4:59 PM
    This is surprising, did not know any of this.
    But I don't think Minjung should be the one to blame though, she's probably just fallen for his "charms", I know A LOT of other women would as well..


    What charm? His sexual prowess? His money? Sorry, but I have never bought into Lee Min Jung's supposed 'pure image and innocence'. She always gave me the impression of a woman who is a bit of a famewhore and would only date rich, influential guys to help her advance in career, the type who like hobobbing with the elites a bit too much. Lee Byung Hun can give her all that and she's a poor victim my ass! Actually, I could care less about their sex life, they are both consenting legal adults, so if they wanna do the freaky bizaare activities, it's up to them....but she is not the victim that people make her out to be.

    Lee Byung Hun is very influential in Korea, he has connections with the right people and it is even said that he has many reporters under his payroll...that's why all of the celebrities that he is managing in his agency have a clean record and are never criticized by the reporters like Han Hyo Joo, her controversies never make it on the newspaper. For example the disrespect she has shown to Kim nam Joo at the MBC acting Awards and more...

  32. Can you translate more xfile stuff??? i've always wanted to know all the drama especially with the top actors/actresses

  33. Respect for Kang Seung Woo.

  34. ''Han Hyo Joo'' what there is about her? Please share!

  35. LMJ the victim?i doubt it.i'm more suspicious of the quiet ones,miss sunshine 24/7 coz usually they got something to hide.i'd rather see the frank celebs.

    i'm half convince & half doubtful of the issue.knetizens & kmedia can't be trusted.whether is true or not it's their life.none of my biz.unlike knetizens who is so scandal-phobic.LOL

    usually out of boredom,celebs do kinky things.
    they possess all material things,travel around the world,etc.they want to try new things they haven't experience before.

    kinda irritating that knetizens love to put their celebs in the highest pedistal that when their celebs makes wrong decision or commit mistakes,they won't forgive & forget.too much expectation leads to hurt & disappointment.

  36. Hate the cmments on AKP...thse people in AKP need to be slap with the truth

  37. Pshhhh. Despite what's real and what's not, I still respect Lee Byunghun as a actor.
    And with all the years in between, if he really did change and if she really is happy with him, I wouldn't want the both of them to break up because of petty little people around them who could care less about their happiness.

    Celebrities shouldn't be put at such a high pedestal, as someone above me has mentioned.
    These are things that a few men all over the world have done.

    The only thing wrong with Byunghun's situation is that he's famous, and he's influential.


    I still like him.

  38. Hopefully they gonna married for real....

  39. Mad respect for Kim Seung Woo, honestly. I've always liked him in dramas & variety, and I'll continue to do so! I never knew Lee Byung Hun was this kind of girl, and I honestly never saw Lee Minjung as the totally innocent kind of girl. I mean, c'mon... you're in the entertainment industry, there isn't anyone innocent there, IMO. I just hope she knows what she's getting in to.

  40. yea i used to adore lee min jung but now... i mean it just makes her look so.. idk but its disappointing to say the least.

  41. It's every girls dream to fuck his daddy. Victim? lol. No, but she'll play the victim once daddy left her.

  42. ^^
    this is why you don't make comments when you're high

  43. please share the x-files! i wonder how many names mentioned in it...

  44. There are people who you just tend to not like at first glance, and he's one of them. He's not really that good-looking, but there was just something off about his aura ever since. So this was it

  45. @ Anonymous 1:11 PM


    It's rather comical that you believe I don't understand Asian culture. I love that accusation, as it usually stems from people who have less of a background in it than me or my staff.

    "You don't excuse away every moral issue that Asia has, therefore you just don't understand the culture!"


    Sorry, but calling out problems that exist in terms of rights and equality is not a "US minded" opinion, it's simply reality to anybody living in it.

    She's seen as a victim. Why? Because based on Lee Byung Hun's reputation, he's a pervert. Thus, they're assuming that Lee Min Jung enjoys all types of "weird sex" and nobody wants to believe that she could enjoy sex. It's a very patriarchal society, so the judgment is that if she does enjoy fucking, then she deserves to get shamed for it, because then she's a "slut" or a "whore" or "impure". Either that, or she's being forced into having "weird" sex, thus she deserves pity. Read the comments, they say it, don't take my word for it.

    Not only is that slut shaming, but it entails leaps of logic to boot.

    But hey, keep chalking up all of Asia's problems to "not understanding culture", I'm sure that'll make the issue go away.


    Additionally, journalistic integrity is not "US minded" thinking. Sorry if I would like it if mainstream media in Asian countries had higher standards than tabloids.

  46. @ mangoes banana 1:45 PM


    You honestly don't think I know the history of AKP? Good lord. You think I'm their fan? Even funnier.

    I enjoy visiting Netizen Buzz, they do an awesome job. My point wasn't an attack against them.

    It's just that it amazes me that people here will hate on AKP comments (international netizens) but then sackride everything Korean netizens say. It's just equally dumb.

    The point is that these are two presented cases on the opposite ends of the spectrum. AKP presents it like those two are spotless, Netizens present it like LBH is a piece of shit and LMJ is a slut and/or victim.

    If you believe either side as a straight matter of fact with little critical thinking, you're delusional. That's all I'm saying.

    Cognitive dissonance at its best.

  47. Asian Junkie loves LMJ

  48. Right, which is why if I was anything like these delusional idiots, I would want her to be a pure and innocent goddess still, and I could blame evil LBH for corrupting her ... except I don't care.

    Unlike some, just because I find her gorgeous doesn't mean I think I know her personally.

  49. My respect for Kim Seung Woo has grown a mile, i already liked him. I remember all this drama when it happened but i never knew how it ended up, glad to know that CCTV was fake.

  50. lol why is everyone giving Kim Seung Woo praise he was also a serial player before getting trapped by Kim Nam Joo. He dated Song Yoon Ah and Kim Ha Neul at the same time..

    Anyway thank you netizenbuzz for clearing up this story for me. I didn't know all the details about the poor Canadian girl he ruined, but can't say that I'm surprised. It's the same thing he did to Choi Jin Shil when they were just becoming stars in the early 90s..

  51. I'm guessing the background story given by nettizenbuzz is based on TV reports on the matter and little to do with what netizzens are saying right now.
    I don't really have an opinion about this girl (Lee Min Jung) dating whoever she wants. But I'm kind of in awe as to how someone like Lee Byung Hun has not been affected by this whole scandal as much as other artists would have been. I mean he is being accused of trying to fabricate a story to push his own little scandal onto someone else. That's not really an 'opps, I didn't mean it' kind of mistake. He actually planned framing someone else intentionally to keep his image clean. That says a lot about the kind of person he is.

  52. what about Han Hyo Joo, since she's in the same label as lee Byung Hun and she's like third or second famous one in that label, i'm real curious about her.

  53. Asian JunkieSeptember 29, 2012 11:19 AM

    Hi, I don't know if you're still checking the comments, but... hey? I didn't know you had a blog XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD why should I know that you're aware about AKP past? I mean Excuuuuuse moi for being such an ignorant person and not know that "asian junkie" was a blog /shrugs

    I'm not in the place to defend or speak for others (?) So i'm going to speak for myself: I didn't know about that cctv scandal, so, after i read this, it changed my point of view about LBH a little bit (i mean, i kind of disliked him for stupid reasons, something like... his face for some reason bothered me, I admit it); but because if you associate with someone like CEO JTW it's only logical that some people will think that you're about the same or that you support that beahavior.

    I know his not responsible for it, in fact I never said that (and I know that your first comment wasn't targeting me specifically) I'm just saying not everyone here are pointing fingers at LMJ for hooking with a "pervert"(?) Most comments here are people who are just shocked about reading the whole controversy of the CEO. Now, you can't expect everyone to have the same oppinion, or that most comments meet your standars(?)

    I'm not replying to defend the netizens either, I mean, to me, their replies are like youtube comments: Some are extremely stupid, some are fun, some are sadly true, etc etc. At the end of the day they're all interesting to read. You can't really generalize them and if you ever do, you're being as stupid as some people accuse them to be. I did pictured LMJ differently and after reading the CEO's issues, it dissappointed(?) me a little, sorry I just can't help to link them somehow, but does that mean that I'm hating on LMJ? No. I hope she enjoys all the alleged "pervert sex" lol if it's true that he is such a freak in bed. I know some people here took sides, and some comments here are lulzy, but I guess it's a bit ... i dont know how to put it (maybe because english is not my mother tongue) maybe dumb..(?) that you put an article on your blog (because now I know your blog, it's nice) to mainly bash the readers LOL. I know it's your blog and you can post whatever the fuck you want. I also understand that you don't agree on most, but what can we do? not everyone can be on the same boat as you, And probably you-more that anyone- had read some comments on your blog are also delusional, or people that 100% agrees with you for no reason.

    All I'm saying is that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I don't comment on most replies because.. psh, at the end, everyone will think what they want, wether they're right or not, But I am taking the time to reply to your comment because- since you indeed are someone who has critical opinion- to remind you that not everyone here are the same nor they think the same. Something that you should know but apparently you chose to forget when you replied HERE.... so yeah, that's why some jumped at you after reading your comment.

    Sorry if it was long<3 I'm not bashing you, I took the time to read a lot of entries of your blog and probably it's out of context, but I liked it a lot. Bai!

  54. @asianjunkie your comments here seem pretty level headed but how come your articles make it seem to me that as you write on you tend to go off base.

    Not hating tbh just an observation I had. Sorry if it insults you but that's the vibe I get from them.

  55. It is a bit tangent to LBH but I was left with this thought after reading the post: don't you think that Kim Seung Woo being part of IRIS 2 is a bit fishy considering that he witnessed against the Taewon CEO in the court? How come he still has ties with the CEO after all this? Does somebody know what happened to the CEO, as he hired people to beat up a person to save LBH's behind?

  56. ^^ totally agree. except review, their opinion are basically trolling... and they have this "higher than thou" manner that i despise the most... -_-"

  57. Come on people, don't take random articles on the net so seriously. Netizen Buzz a gossip site and this article, while it may have some actual facts, is based on assumptions, rumors and speculations. The thing is, we will never know what really happened. Just accept it and move on.
    And Lee Min Jung is a big girl already. Simply dating Lee Byung Hun doesn't make her weird. She knows Lee Byung Hun more than any of us here will ever know. If she really likes him then there must be something good about him after all, right? In any case, it's really none of our business.

  58. Anonymous September 29, 2012 9:29 PM

    Because people will believe whatever they read and want to believe is true.

    Gonna go out on a limb and say that JYP fans are not going to want to blindly believe the rumors about him. Just a guess. Goes for a lot of companies, actually.


    Anonymous September 29, 2012 11:01 PM

    The Korean media is atrocious. Their mainstream is equivalent to American tabloids. They base news articles off netizen speculation ... so ... yeah.

    I mean, the fact that they site forum topics and netizen comments in their articles should have tipped you off, I figure.


    Anonymous September 30, 2012 12:56 PM

    What do you mean? If you can't tell the difference between the articles with serious points and those written in jest, then ... uh ... sorry.


    Anonymous October 1, 2012 6:41 AM

    True. I hypothesize that most people are dumb. I'll stop when they stop proving my hypothesis correct.

    By the way, "disagrees with my opinion using a straightforward and matter-of-fact rhetoric" does not mean "trolling".

  59. "What they needed was a scapegoat, and they found it in former baseball
    player and TV star Kang Byung Kyu, who had a dirty image at the time for
    fraud and various gambling scandals. Kang Byung Kyu's girlfriend was
    friends with Kwon Miyeon so CEO Jung and Lee Byung Hun used that to
    their advantage to tell the media that Kang Byung Kyu was behind the
    whole thing and was actually the one controlling Kwon Miyeon, who they
    claimed was a sl*t looking for money."

    So, a Canadian girl, new to Korea, left high and dry by a top star accidently is 'friends' with the gf of a famous athlete, too?! LOL, yeah, right.

    LBH might not be as innocent as he would love his audience to believe, but a coin always got two sides. I really think this girl tried to scam him. And she needed help for that.

  60. Allkpop used to release scandals faster and was much more controversial back in the day but since it started to grow so big, entertainment companies reached out to work with allkpop.

    Netizenbuzz wrote an editorial about it last year:

    Basically it seems that Allkpop is in part sponsored or at least connected to K-POP companies...which would prevent them from releasing the dirty crap that litters the Korean entertainment industry.

  61. wow if all this story is true then i indeed will lost respect for Lee Minjung !
    and now Kang Byung Kyu has just been sentenced to jail because he lost against Lee Byung Hun... it's disgusting !

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  98. Kim seung woo bless you,
    Lee byung hun your a douche you ruined the girls life and dreams andkang byung kyus image.
    Screw you.

  99. me too. really a big fan of him because 1n2d as mat hyung seungwoo

  100. Everyone can be a little freaky and have their own fetishes...but I hope he's really not that bad of a guy. I always viewed him as a good guy.

  101. He was married to lee mi yeon too who is also a top actress in her own right, I admit the guy was also a serial player but at least he stood up for something right...

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  105. wow... who is backing Kim Seung Woo? what a brave thing to do standing up to powerful people like that. Did it affect his career at all?

  106. is it BH Entertainment? ex-WG Sohee is also signed with that company currently,,,

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  108. Im a kind of fan(?) of Lee byung hun and I feel bad that he was in this kind of scandal, I mean just because he might have been a player doesn't mean that now he's just going to dump Lee min jung. They even married and lee min Jung is an adult and she has the rights to make her own decisions.

  109. Wow 2years went by so fast and allkpop is still so trashy...

  110. Reading this now, i feel all sorts of pity for Kang Byung Kyu, all sort of admiration for Kim Seung Woo, and all sorts of fear for Lee Byung Hun.

  111. Why would the girl sue LBH ? She made the descion to leave by her grown self.

  112. she still got cheated and had to give his career away... imagine a woman who had no money and no support in a foreign land, it is obvious this is a way to seek revenge for her now ruined career and some form of money too

  113. Ah, those days when allkpop was a lot snarkier, and the comments would be all about, "AKP, you're so mean!" Now that AKP has turned its head and put their tail between their legs in exchange for sponsors and money, the comments become even more ruthless than old AKP.

  114. LBH is really a big bast*rd. I feel bad to Lee Min Jung :(

  115. like how he's only in it to get her pregnant and leave her because he's obsessed with sleeping with young women). 

    Geez after Lee Min Jung's pregnancy news I read it and got chills. That dude literally seen future. I'm so sorry about her. She was cute in BOF and Prosecutor Princess.

  116. I'm speechless. Kim seung woo speculation is spot on. Lee Min Jung is pregnant now. Holy shit!! I think he's a sex addict. He probably doesn't realize how severe his problem is but he seems to damage everyone he comes in contact with. He's got a alot of baggage and targets on his back. Lee min jung is stupid for trusting a man with so many scandals. Stability is far from his mind.

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