Netizens remain cold to news of Jun Jin and SPICA's Joohyun's relationship

This relationship is starting reek of media play... Less than a day after the two went public with their relationship, a bunch of articles about Park Joohyun's past photos started popping up claiming to be put up on portal sites first when Pann, Telzone, Bestiz, etc are bare of any such photos.


Article: Jun Jin - Park Joohyun's past info, netizens response 'cold'

Source: Herald News via Nate

The article talks about how fans had already known the two were dating since earlier this year and talks about why netizens are cold/indifferent towards the couple. Many believe it to be noise marketing since SPICA's comeback is in just a few days.

1. [+693, -24]  Whether they're really dating or not, Jun Jin is not under any agency so I'm curious as to what agency "confirmed" their relationship. And aside from the kimuchi comment, it seems she's also lying about her age. It can't be helped that people are thinking marketing ploy when they see a rookie currently awaiting the release of a new album come out with a scandal like this. As a Shinhwa fan, this angers me.

2. [+569, -35] Honestly, it seems like marketing. This is my first time hearing about a group named SPICA.

3. [+528, -79] First with Lee Si Young... now with her. Jun Jin must have a thing for faces with obvious plastic surgery.


Article: Jun Jin's 'lady' Park Joohyun, a collection of her past photos...

Source: Money Today via Nate

1. [+131, -7] There are way too many articles about this coming out right now;;; This has to be media play... I was expecting marriage news from Jun Jin, not this..

2. [+129, -12] She's a nobody trying to get her face out there as Jun Jin's girl

3. [+115, -9] Stop using Jin ㅡㅡ