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Saturday, July 28, 2012

T-ara's Hyomin and Boram fuel the fire

Because keeping your mouth shut for two more days IS THAT HARD. Really.


Article: Hyomin changes display picture to a cover with the words, "There is a reason for everything"

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1,507, -40] So she's basically saying that there was a reason Hwayoung had to be bullied?ㅋㅋㅋ What kind of bitch does she think she is? Can T-ara just screw off or disband, I can't stand seeing them anymore

2. [+1,474, -34] I'm sure there's a reason for everything
Just like there's a reason you guys are bullies
Just like there's a reason Jiyeon stripped on cam
And just like there's a reason you guys are being hated
Got it? So stop whining

3. [+1,414, -32] She's basically proving that they bullied her... Thinking that it's okay to bully someone just because you have a reason is absolutely dangerous.. I regret once liking them as a fan...


Article: Boram, unfollows Hwayoung on Twitter 'Hyomin also changes display picture..' What is going on?

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+635, -17] Who does she think she is? She should know to just stay quiet but look, she's now back in the media once again. You call yourself a singer with the few lines that you pretend to sing... It's ridiculous to think that you're considered a singer of higher rank compared to so many other better people.

2. [+572, -14] And they fall deeper into the pit... Boram doesn't even have any popularity, and I remember she was criticized for using her parents to get to where she is... She's ruining herself;;

3. [+565, -15] Now all of Korea will unfollow you too



  1. lol just when i was starting to warm up to t-error she goes and pulls this shit


  2. So fucking dumb. If they had one ounce of sense, they'd shut the fuck up, sit down and look pretty.

  3. they went too hwayoung live with them year by year...poor her got bullied alone >.<

  4. ¬¬ This notice is fakeeeeeeee 100% fake

  5. hope nothing will happen to hwayoung.

    personally, i like her.

    hyomin really disappointing me.

    hope hwayoung will not make any silly move like others will do to stop her pain.

  6. and boram NEVER follow hwayoung before.

  7. for heaven sake... STOP IT! hating and bashing T-ara! I don't think there's no bullying among T-aras. This is stupid. this sounds like teenager in middle grade school. stk stk. the ricecake shubbing in hwa..oh geez that obviously just was a tv fun.. being she's the maknae of the group.
    And how about this, I remember when T-ara in thailand concert EunJung and HyoMin were taken care Hwa.. remember her shoes? left on stage..missing? who give them to her and put them on?

  8. even if hwayoung makes mistakes or otherwise..BULLYing can't be accepted at all...soyeon is bad leader if she can't handling this things among t-aras..

  9. Hyomin is worthless, no vocal ability whatsoever, just another cumdumpster.

  10. lol I really want to unfollow all of the girl (except Hyayoung ofcourse) but the thing is, I never really followed then.

  11. Oh, but Boram never followed Hwayoung...

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  15. I have a (I think it is permanently deactivated) twitter account that follows jiyeon and some of the t-ara members

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