Police reveal they have CCTV of Park Shi Hoo and another man carrying 'A' into his home

Article: Police reveals "'A' was carried inside Park Shi Hoo's home"

: Star News via Nate

Police basically announced that they have CCTV footage of Park Shi Hoo, junior 'B', and the trainee 'A' going into Park Shi Hoo's home. According to the CCTV, A was being carried on the back of B when they got on the elevator.

1. [+1,083, -98] Jesus christ, why would Park Shi Hoo's junior carry that girl to his home? What a bunch of jokes

2. [+965, -72] There was the other witness that said she walked out of the store fine, but seeing as how there's CCTV of her being carried inside his home, Park Shi Hoo has lost the upper hand

3. [+668, -101] If she was carried in, then it has to be rape. She filed the lawsuit through the help of a sexual assault center. Obviously they're not idiots considering that they're helping her and going through with the case because they have proof that it is.


Article: Police reveal they have CCTV of Park Shi Hoo in the parking lto of his home... what happened?

Star News via Nate

1. [+216, -9] The junior running his mouth just made things worse. He said that there was no 'force' involved but the fact that they carried her inside the home means there was force involved. This can fall under rape, and it's made the situation all that more dangerous.

2. [+185, -30] Seems like the drinks she had finally took effect around that time... It's really difficult for a woman to just wake up one morning and decide to file for rape without any cause or preparation

3. [+177, -25] Hul... so she was carried inside... Looks like we can't call her a kkot-baem right off the bat. If police find him to be guilty, I hope he takes whatever punishment is given.


Article: [Exclusive] Park Shi Hoo's home spotted "Nothing but silence..."

TV Report via Nate

1. [+216, -20] Either way, Park Shi Hoo's image is down the drain now. I liked him so this is a disappointment.

2. [+182, -18] So far, police have confirmed that the girl was carried in through CCTV. What I find weird is that the junior stayed in the house with them until the morning. I'm just curious how his fans will shield this now. The reactions are so different compared to female celebrities that this is intriguing.

3. [+120, -28] I don't think there's anyone 'normal' who enjoys threesomes. Park Shi Hoo seemed to have an erotic look in his eyes all the time and look at him now, his career's in the gutter.


Article: Witness claims "Park Shi Hoo escorted the victim"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+139, -49] I'm a girl myself but it disgusts me how two faced people can be. Imagine if this wasn't Park Shi Hoo but someone else. Would people have been so quick to point fingers, calling the victim a kkot-baem? Nobody even stopped to think before judging her, labeling her a kkot-baem right off the bat. Would she have used the help of a sexual assault center if she had any other intentions? She would've contacted Park Shi Hoo separately to seek a settlement.

The problem with this is that when articles about scandals like this erupt, the first thing people do is scroll to read the comments to see what the reactions are. When people are so quick to label someone a kkot-baem without any evidence, this is the kind of thing that scares actual victims from reporting sexual assaults. They'd rather hide than be treated like that.

2. [+118, -35] I'm sure that although the girl was able to walk out of the pub on her own, she started to feel the alcohol settle in once she got out and into the car and lost herself after that... It can happen to anyone that drinks.

3. [+101, -29] What a turn of negative events for Park Shi Hoo..